Non-surgical nose jobs

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It is not a secret that most of us are afraid to go under knife even when it is needed urgently. But when there is no other way we do go for it still fearing something can go wrong.

Thanks to scientific breakthroughs we get more and more techniques allowing us to do without surgery. And this is not only about medicine that I’m talking, this is about beauty as well.

Some time ago rhinoplasty was the only way to turn a bad-looking nose into a normal one. Now there is another option that is much safer and less painful.

nose job

Doctors have created a ‘non-surgical nose job’ in which injections of fat from the tummy or thighs are used to reshape the nose. Recovery is always quick and bruising is minimal if compared to conventional rhynoplasty that involves bone or cartilage changes.

Usual operation is conducted under general anaesthetic and as a result recovery takes up to six weeks. In contrast, the fat injections are given under local anaesthetic and the patient can return to work within a day or two.

And the costs are different as well. At £1,500 ($2460) to £2,200 ($3600), the non-surgical route costs around half the price of surgery.

The only discomfort for patients is that they should avoid touching their nose or wearing glasses for a week. But I guess this isn’t so difficult.

Besides, a person’s own fat is safe than synthetic ‘fillers’ already used in some clinics to correct noses non-surgically, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons annual conference heard.

Dr Juan Monreal, who pioneered the technique at his Madrid clinic, says it is very popular with people scared of conventional surgery.

The operation is easy and doesn’t take much time. In the result bumps can be flattened, crooked noses straightened, and dainty noses broadened. But there is no way to make large noses smaller yet. Hope soon the solution for this problem is found either.

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One Response to “Non-surgical nose jobs”
  1. Dr. Devrim Elmas M.D. Says:

    I use those procedures since 5 years with hyaluronic acid which is bio-compatible and can be used safely.
    It is good when you have small nose and tip of the nose is down, to make it more straight. But bumps will not be flattened, your nose seems to be flattened, for bumps you should go for surgery. So you may understand that your nose can be little bit bigger than it was before. There are more infections risk with fat injections than already prepared steril hyaluronic acid filler enjections.
    Thanks to Patricia Love for writing about this subject.

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