New Body Oils Collection from Naturex

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Beautiful soul should live in a beautiful body. Of course, make-up is one of the good means to be beautiful every day. But one should never forget to take care of the body as well so that at the age of forty your beauty could contest any twenty-year-old.

Naturex Body Oils Collection

Nowadays there are hundreds of means to preserve a luxurious color and texture of skin. Modern chemists can do almost anything to get rid of all irritating skin problems. Though, as we all know – time always leaves only the best. Natural extracts and oils have always been the most reliable and popular way of skincare. And I’m sure they always will be. Naturex Company has taken the responsibility of choosing only the best herbal extracts in order to embody them in modern skincare products. Here is NAT collection of herbal oils for body care.


Oil for Each Type of Skin

Different skin requires different attitude. You have known this since you were a teenager. In the NAT collection you will find 13 different herbal oils with different properties. Wide global research made by Naturex resulted in quite famous oils that are already well-known to us and some innovations, which discover new more reliable and qualitative means to keep the ideal look of your body and skin. According to the words of the leading person of Naturex researches: β€œTo be included in the range, the oils had to meet three criteria: availability, efficiency and a manageable environmental and social impact.”

The Best of Nature for Skin Care

Investigations of the best fruits for oils were made independently from any popular brands of Naturex company or other researches made before. Thus, we can be sure that only the best fruits were chosen. Oils have been extracted using the eco-friendly methods. So, we can be sure that from the very beginning till the oil vial appeared in our hands, no harmful products or processes took place. The benefits of oils for each type of skin were defined by clinical methods so, you can choose a skincare product exactly for you.

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