Must-know Sunscreen Facts

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With hot Summer season coming, we know it is the very time to slather on sunscreen. But how much do we really know about this magical lotion saving us from harmful UV-rays? It protects us from sunburn and prevents skin cancer… It is an absolute lifesaver if only chosen and applied properly. Read to learn more sunscreen facts everyone must know.

Must-know Sunscreen Facts

Sunscreen Facts you Need to Know:

  • It is a common belief that SPFs can be summed up, but it is a great blunder! For instance, if you apply SPF 15 and SPF 30, you will never end up with SPF 45. Sunscreens don’t work like this, however, applying two sun-protectors one after another will make the overall coverage more probable.
  • Do you still think that the higher SPF number is, the more protected you are? Believe me, you are mistaken. SPF 15 filter out 93 % of UVB rays, while SPF 30 filter out only 4 % more. The only proven fact is that no one sunscreen can protect you completely.
  • SPF makeup tends to dilute SPF in your moisturizer. That is why if you’ve already applied your moisturizer with SPF,¬† go for makeup without it.
  • Even if your sunscreen labeled “water-resistant”, it lasts no more than 80 minutes. Thus make sure you reapply it throughout the day.
  • A form of Vitamin A that is said to minimize the aging effect of the sun is often added into the sunscreen formula. But the recent scientific researches ¬†have shown that it tends to speed up the development of skin cancer when used on skin hit with sunlight.
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