Must-Know Skin Care Tips for Fall

Just as seasons revolve, our skin care routine should be also alternated and adapted to those changing weather conditions. Learn how to take care of your skin when it’s getting colder outside. Read on to find out several must-know skin care tips for Fall.

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Must-Know Skin Care Tips for Fall

It is no doubt that weather conditions have a great impact on the way we should take care of our skin. Therefore it is essential to adapt your usual skin care regimen to the revolving seasons.  Here you can find several skin care tips for Fall you must know for sure.

First of all replace your light ‘summery’ cream or lotion with an oil-based moisturizer that will help to protect your skin from excessive moisture loss. It’s better to go for an ointment-based one that can provide better moisturizing effect.

Don’t drop your anti-sun skin care routine. As you know if you’re not lying on the beach doesn’t mean you can forget about your sunscreen.  Every time before you leave house apply a sunscreen with at least 15 SPF to protect your skin against harmful UV-rays.

Invest into a good nourishing cream for your hands and cuticles. Just because it is getting colder outside, your hands and especially cuticles requires more intensive care. Therefore it is better to keep a good hand and cuticle cream always in your hand bag (at least during cold months).

Don’t forget you lips! You lips require as much attention as your face does, especially during colder seasons, so don’t forget to provide yourself with an appropriate lip balm to protect your pouts from chapping.

Hydrate your skin from within by drinking plenty of water even during colder months. Though, in Fall you can actually turn to a herbal tea instead of plain water to provide your skin with a healthy glow.

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  1. skin care & beauty Says:

    Your diet and great skin care routine using products that’s right for your skin type will do the magic.

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