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This method of the face skin rejuvenation was elaborated in 80s years of the previous century by the Italian doctor and initially this procedure was very expensive. Microdermabrasion is gaining popularity more and more nowadays as it becomes more available.


This procedure impact onto the skin is much more effective than fruit acids peeling but less traumatic than chemical one with phenol (the deepest and hardest peeling), all the more is plastic surgery. Meanwhile, microdermabrasion enables to solve different face skin problems.

The technique is in the following: the flow of the finest aluminum oxide crystals goes through the special tubes at high speed and is applied onto the skin. Aluminum oxide microcrystals (Al2O3) are completely harmless by their chemical composition.

They don’t irritate the skin, can’t do deep wounds, and what’s more important, they are notable for the best abrasive characteristics. Their abrasion effect is not accompanied by pain as it operates on the top skin layers that have no nerve endings. Patient feels just a slight tingling while taking the procedure and that’s why she doesn’t need any anaesthetization.


The thing is that besides the hypoallergenic characteristics, the aluminum oxide crystals are shaped into the necessary abrasive form of snowflakes and stars. These fractions penetrate into epidermis and are drawn off right after that with the help of vacuum “pump” apparatus together with the horny skin cells.

This kind of cyclic procedure provides deep and no traumatic exfoliation as there is seen a rapid growth of the new skin cells in the microscopic points of upper-epidermis-layer-take-off. As a result old skin is replaced by the new one in several sessions. That’s why this method is often recommended to remove the after-acne scars.


Microderamabrasion performs a double action: 1 – it’s the stimulation for new cells formation and 2 – physical soothing that is a “wiper action” of the upper epidermis layers. That is the reason it’s called skin micropolishing.

What’s the difference between microdermabrasion and dermabrasion? The difference is that there is the effect of soothing, polishing instead of big wounds that are the result of the traditional dermabrasion method. The basic advantage of microdermabrasion is that all the materials contacting the skin are disposable and strictly individual including sterile sand of aluminum oxide that never touches the skin after it has done it once.

Indications for use

  • Scars that occur after injuries and surgery;
  • After-acne scars;
  • Wrinkles, flabby skin and aging skin changes;
  • Colloid scars of various origin (post C-section scars, for example);
  • Hypertrophic scars caused by burns;
  • Pigmental spots and fatty lumps on skin;
  • Some sorts of tattoos.

The session of procedures is to be taken to achieve the final result. Their number should be appointed by the qualified cosmetologist.


It makes sense to go through the procedure 1 time per 7-10 days, as it’s the period when the new epidermis layer can be build up.

The number of procedures and depth of penetration are determined by the aims microdermabrasion pursues.

So, to remove the small wrinkles, a-bit-bigger wrinkles correction, face peeling the patient is usually undergoes 1-6 sessions.

To remove or correct various scar types, to erase senile and pigment spots, to correct the atrophic postnatal skin scars on the stomach, hips, and mammary glands, to remove the colloid or burn scars the patient needs from 6 to 12 sessions.

To remove post-acne scars, vast pigment spots, strongly pronounced posttraumatic scars, tattoos – 10-12 sessions.


Ingenuously after the procedures, special moisterizers are applied as well as soothing and regeneration boosting creams and lotions. These allow providing the effect for 20-25% and solving those medical esthetic problems.

Microdermabrasion is not a universal panacea from all kinds of cosmetic defects. Consult the cosmetologist first!

Proceeding from all the abovementioned there are considerable advantages of this method: painless procedures, bloodless and quick regeneration of the skin, evident results, no contra-indications, ability to take sessions in the outpatient setting or at home of the patient.

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  1. Dr. Devrim Elmas M.D. Says:

    I do microdermabrasion since 6 years constanly to my patients as face care and mechanical peeling. It is great procedure, stimulates collagen production, some skin problems can be treated with it also. This article is well writen, thanks to Mary Rise

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