Lip Piercing: Is It Really Worth It?

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Nowadays, people get crazy about body piercing. You can see it on lips, tongues, ears, navels and plenty of other parts of a human body. Lip piercing is becoming more and more popular these days. It is a type of body piercing which involves penetrating into the lip or the area surrounding the lip.

lip piercing

Piercing can be done in different ways. Almost all kinds of lip piercings heal pretty fast. But they require you to be very cautious. Lip piercing is not an easy process and very often infection accompanies it. You have to be very careful about the pierced area all the time, especially during the healing period.

Swelling is a common symptom experienced after oral piercing. But you can make it seem smaller by pushing a larger ring or a stud into the pierced area. When the swelling vanishes, you may wear the jewelry you want.

Another thing to mention here is that lip piercing can be hazardous for your teeth and gums, if you wear jewelry that is not an initial piece. Try to avoid the lip ring touching the gums as it can damage them or cause inflammation.

girl lip piercing

Looking stylish and fashionable at the cost of health is a sign of madness. Before you’ve done the piercing make sure that you are fully aware of its harmful effects. If you consider it worth bearing all that – go for it; but if you doubt, my advice is to find other ways of making yourself look interesting rather than running the risk.

Lip Piercing can undoubtedly look beautiful and stylish, but there are cases when lip piercing is really terrible! For those who are still hesitating whether to make lip piercing or not, at first look at extremelly TERRIBLE LIP PIERCING and discuss it with others in order to make a sound desicion!!!

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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.

142 Responses to “Lip Piercing: Is It Really Worth It?”
  1. lamara Says:

    i really want lip done,does it hurt? and do they use needle?

  2. anonymous Says:

    I’ve been looking forward to getting my lip pierced for a while now. I have been planning a snakebite on my left side. I don’t care about the scarring, the pain, the swelling or the chipping of the teeth (I wouldn’t bite it anyway so this is why) but the receding gums and eroded teeth are the only things stopping me getting it. Can someone please tell me if it is a definite that your teeth will erode and your gums will recede?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I took out my lip and my nose piercing at least 3 years ago after having each for about a year or so. They heal yes, but you are left with a scar that looks like a hole. I thought make up would cover it, but you really have to pile it on. If you are ok with having a scar (mine is really tiny you can barely notice unless i point it out)do it! I want to get my lip re-pierced.

    I didnt have any problems with my teeth or gums. It is hard to get used to at first while you are eating and it gets stuck on your tooth occasionally but you get used to it!

    I think they are really fun and cute. So if anyone is hesitating doing it, just do it. It isn’t permanent! You only live once and all that matters is what you think about it not what others think!

  4. melissa Says:

    I took out my lip and my nose piercing at least 3 years ago after having each for about a year or so. They heal yes, but you are left with a scar that looks like a hole. I thought make up would cover it, but you really have to pile it on. If you are ok with having a scar (mine is really tiny you can barely notice unless i point it out)do it! I want to get my lip re-pierced.

    I didnt have any problems with my teeth or gums. It is hard to get used to at first while you are eating and it gets stuck on your tooth occasionally but you get used to it!

    I think they are really fun and cute. So if anyone is hesitating doing it, just do it. It isn’t permanent! You only live once and all that matters is what you think about it not what others think!

  5. Angel Says:

    When i got my lip done i got my teeth cleaned right before as well, and i think that it will help with swelling and infection… i never had my lip swell or get infected.

  6. Metrocity Says:

    Mk well everybody asking bout infection and pain or such.. I have my lip eyebrow and ears guaged to a 2 I went from 14g to 2g on my ear in about 30 minutes so about pain I think its probably up to the person getting the piercing tbh, none of my piercings hurt much but tbh the most difficult to take care of was my lip, but infection can almost 99% of the time be prevented (again it could Jus be up to your body cuz Ur skin can just reject it) but anyway use , non alchohal mouth rinse and brush your teeth and turn your jewlery and if yu do get infection DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. I have done each and every one of my piercing and other peoples .. but on the real people don’t Jus do it to look cool do it if its something u like because it can become addictive, hope I helped have a nice one wit piercing (: bye

  7. Ben Says:

    this article annoys me greatly, why would you scare someone away from expressing themselves through a piercing? my lip is pierced and as some have already posted it is not a big deal, the “harmful” effects you speak of are rare and can be avoided through common sense practices, you make it sound as though it is a very risky and dangerous undertaking. piercings are enjoyable and easy to care for. its too bad that some people are ignorant enough to comment on something they know nothing about. and for those who have no piercings and bash those who do, well shame on you for hindering self expression

  8. Middle-Aged Man Says:

    I guess I’m none too hip, but I’ve yet to see a person yet whose looks were improved with hardware – especially facial hardware.

    Similarly, I have seen plenty of people who in my eyes look significantly worse once the lances have done their work.

    This is a form of “self-expression” that I just don’t understand. I wouldn’t deign to tell someone else (other than my kids until they were no longer minors) whether they could do it or not; I would like to think that from a physical attractiveness standpoint, all the posters here would rank higher without all the hardware, “self-expression” messages notwithstanding.

  9. DrAtticus Says:

    I recently had pierced my lip and now I can’t enjoy the taste of food anymore, that metal taste has fully compromised the integrity of my taste buds. I love the way it looks, and with the lack of food enjoyment, I have also lost weight and look good… but what is more important, I guess in this case; Vanity!

  10. alivia Says:

    from a scale 1-10 how bad does it hurt????im a 12 year old and im kinda scared but my mamaw said she does not no if i can so bad does it hurt???

  11. Sabrina Says:

    Im 15 and just got my middle Lower lip periced.

    Didnt hurt Much..only a little when it hit the inside of my mouth…

    Im looking for a lip ring with a Double ball lip ring….that will fit in the middle of my lip?

    and snug around it..??

    Please messege me with the Title : Lip ring advice!!!

    [email protected]

    and messege me if you have any questions on the lip rings!

  12. Meg Says:

    I got my left bottom lip pierced a week ago. I have had it pierced twice before but took it out because I was worried about others opinions. I am not going to do that this time. But none of the times I pierced it, did it get infected, and I did them all at home, one with a safety pin. The swelling went down in like three days. It only pinches afterwards. It now hurts only at night. During the day, I can’t even tell its there. I was also concerned about the gum erosion, and teeth chipping, but I love my piercing so much that I put that in the back of my mind, and just went for it. You should to. I have not gotten an infection so far. I cleaned mine with Listerine for three days then changed to saltwater because I ran out of Listerine. I was afraid of it getting infected because loads of people told me it would, if I used saltwater. I have been using it for four days now and it’s healing fantastic. I honestly think it’s just how your body takes it whether or not it gets infected. As long as you use something that fights the bacteria, I think you’ll be fine. As far as the “worrying about what other people think” screw them. It’s your body. You are the only one who can figure out if it looks good or not. If you want it, go for it!! I love mine.

  13. Josée Says:

    MY ADVICE : IT DOESNT HURT AT ALL TO GET YOUR LIP PIERCED! Soooo im 14 have had my lip pierced for about 5-6 months never had a problem with it i did everything basically you werent supost to do with it lol. the day i got i pierced i ate spicy food right after when she told me not to, i play with it .. that is one thing i would say for all of you who want to get lip piercings its SOOO ADDICTING to play with my mom is pissed off when i play with mine but i cant stop also althletics tape hurts on piercings !!

  14. anonomous Says:

    okay so I’ve been wanting my bottom lip pierced (left!!, since apparently right means you’re gay)for a while and I’ve read a lot of negative things about it like it messing up your teeth and gums, the scaring that comes if you take it out and the infection that you could get even if you brush like you’re suppose to and all. i’m not at all worried about what people say about it, just the health aspect of it.

    1. Does it always mess up your teeth/gums or just when you bite the jewelry? (i bite my lip a lot so that could be a problem)

    2. if i decide to take it out, how long does it take it to fully heal? (where it’s barely noticeable)

    3. salt water rinse or Listerine? (some have said one is better or one irritates it, so which is it that is better recommended?)

    3. the pain. okay so sometimes I’m good with pain. sometimes I’m not,so how bad is it when you get it ? scale on 1-10

    4. the big needle they stick through your lip, how long do they leave that in? just a couple of minutes or do you have to walk around with that? if so, when do they put the loop in and take the needle out. yeah, i know stupid question but i wanna know how it’s gonna go.

    5. if you choose a stud, is it what causes gum and teeth problems or will a loop ring do that too?

    sorry for all the questions!! i just want to be prepared! i know it will hurt, but if i like it, it will totally worth the pain!

    ^so please email me the answers to all of those questions please! [email protected]

    xx,thanks a bunch!

  15. steph Says:

    the thing is ive got told so many times that the numming cream doesnt work:/ i really dont want it to hurt! and do you think i will beable to get my upper lip done now, im 13? how much will it cost?<3

  16. Karmauh Jay Says:

    Hey mi name is Karmauh and I want to kno wheather its gay to have your lower left part of your lip periced my parents are okae with it they just want to kno wheather its and if its aye certain side I thought it was left side strait right side gay tell meh which one or I may fine out if I get the rong side periced I’m strait an I dnt want any one puttin meh out their as bisexual I mean thiers nothing wrong with that but I’m strait nd I dnt want that name on mi bakk

  17. tab Says:

    i pierced my lip on the bottom right side last monday and its now sunday and if the horseshoe ring moves it hurts pretty bad is there anythin u can do to make it not hurt as bad?

  18. nizzy Says:

    i am thinking about piercing my lip…i have always liked lip piercings but have been too chicken to do it…an now that i turn 20 in a few, i am finally going to do it! Question: can i take it out and put it back in often..because my boss said i cant come into work with the ‘lipring’ still on it

  19. Kaitlyn Says:

    Heyy, should i get my bottom lip peirced? (Right side) im turning 13 next month? should i get it? my mom said no, but i think so ;) dose it hurt?

  20. Rawda Says:

    Hi all :) , I live in egypt & im almost 16
    There are no piercing stors in here .. Nd i really want to have my bottom lip pierced :/

    Im so afried to do it 2 myself at home xS
    the afection thing or get it wrong ,, i dont know what 2 do :( .. Any advice !

  21. Tash Says:

    I want to get my lip pierced, but I am under 16 and worried that maybe i will make the wrong decidtion, but I have to say it looks coool! And would you think school would accept it? Nowone in our school ATM has one.

  22. Sammie Says:

    I’m 13 and want snakebites really bad I have been doing research for a while now, and I’ve pretty much got it down I’ve even saved money for everything…
    The only issue is my parents -___- of course , they are such buzz kills everything I like they are ALWAYS against, I get good grades, don’t do anything bad, I’m a good kid. I wish they would just let me.
    One day, I wasn’t serious, but I was just joking around and asked my dad what he would do one day if I came home with a piercing, and he said ” if you f*cking even dare come home with metal in your f*cking face I will RIP it out and I don’t care if you bleed because you were stupid enough to disobey me. And that’s just the beginning…..” so that scared the living hell outta me as I sat there for 45 minutes listening to the consequences
    ….. And the worst part is, I know he WOULD rip them out and not care because I ” disobeyed” him. None the less he also told me that I’d be kicked out. Thanks dad (: —– NOT -_____-

  23. Elly Says:

    I got my lip piercings done in September.
    By a friend. Without my parents even knowing.
    I’m 15 and I know it was wrong to do so. Anyway, they healed up fine, they look fantastic. I got 2 at once. Sterilized needle and everything. They were swollen for a week or so, but didn’t hurt.
    Haven’t regretted them so far. They don’t touch my teeth or gums unless i play with them.
    And the magical name for these two is: dolphin bites
    A picture for you all :

  24. codie Says:

    urrm basiclly i am just wondering what hurts more the top of ur lip or tthe bottom off ur lip and have u got eney ideas were i can get my lip pierced 2 in bristol please

  25. Ang Says:

    I had my labret for 16 years. I never played with it, had the shortest length possible…and now, I am facing false teeth. 90 % bone loss in the front bottom because of gum erosion. I LOVED my piercing, but it has damaged my mouth beyond repair. I’ve already lost one front tooth; another about to fall out. Think seriously about the long term effects, people. I wish I could still wear it; I had it so long that it had become part of me, and it’s still weird to look in the mirror and not see it. However, now that I am facing tooth loss and a $5000 dental bill, I realize that it probably wasn’t worth it.

  26. Dallas Says:

    I’m about to get my lower lip on the left side done for only 20$ at Lucy 13. I know a lot of people who dosen’t have nothing to say about it. Most of them done it them self and said that it dosen’t even hurt

  27. Kayla Says:

    I’m getting mine either tomorrow or the next day, I’m going to get mine in the side I the swelling gunna be just on the side I’m getting it on or my whole lip.?

  28. Kayla Says:

    I’m getting mine either tomorrow or the next day, I’m going to get mine in the side I the swelling gunna be just on the side I’m getting it on or my whole lip.?
    Email me at [email protected]
    Thaaanks (:

  29. Emalee Says:

    HEY um… im thinking about getting my lip done on the bottem left side, should I do it? also My good friend Nathan< a guy, I told him to get snake bites should he do that? Im going to do it myslef if my mom says no!

  30. Cierra Hawkins Says:

    I am getting my lip pierced this weekend and i am so scared i was wandering does it hurt? bc i like so scared and does it look all bloddy and gross after wards?

  31. Cierra Hawkins Says:

    O and also how long does it take to heal and which is better ring or stud? also does it look bloody afterwards? I am 13 and getting it done this weekend im so scared

  32. Anonymous Says:

    i have my monroe i love it.
    let the haters hate

  33. Nakyla Says:

    WEll My mother said its all good if i get onee hahahaha And im only 13 LAla Soo Cool

  34. Shayna Says:

    I want my lip done…at school, but I’m afraid what my parents will say, because they won’t know.
    Anyway….I’m doing it with an earring…Is that safe?
    I mean, I’ve wanted it done for a while now…and I’m only 16! Anyway…let me know..

  35. Arty Says:


    Piercing your lip with an earring at school (!!!) is very painful and unsanitary. Besides there are numerous consequences you might suffer by getting lip pierced by a non professional like a pierced blood vessel or infection.

    Ask your parents about it, perhaps they will not object that you have a lip pierced as long as it’s safe, at a professional salon.

    Look, even having pierced a lip by a professional I still got it inflamed and rejecting the ring although I was very careful with it. Besides after six years I still have a visible puncture spot under my lower lip.

    I’d advice you to ask your parents or wait until you are old enough to go to a clean PROFESSIONAL salon for a lip piercing.

  36. The norwegian emo ! Says:

    Hey! i got my snake bites almost 3-4 weak ago.
    and i think my piercing is infected… i’m cleaning everyday, and use sea salt. but i think i know the reason to my snake bites are infected, cause i’m smoking, just a normal one, haha! but i have stop smoking now cause off my snake bites. i did know that’s was really stupid to smoke when i got my lip piercing… but i think it’s fine now, i don’t know.
    just for a weak ago, come out some yellow disgusting from my lip piercing. and is still a little bit now, and it’s not red around the piercing. ;3

    Please answer at the this email [email protected]
    tanks! <3
    i'm a 15 years old girl from Norway,! haha!
    and i have 4 piercing and gonna have much more! ;D

  37. strega Says:

    It would be perfect if you could go to the local doctor, or at least a medical student. They know the basics and can advice stuff so the infection would go away. Sometimes piercings are just not accepted by your body. Or maybe the care needs to be more frequent. Take care, Norvegian emo girl!

  38. The norwegian emo ! Says:


  39. Scarlett Says:

    I want it pierced but I can’t have this one until I’m 18 and I’m not going to try to hide it since there’s no foolpoof method to hide this, I might get caught and plus the dentist would probably tell… However, due to genetic reasons I’m most likely going to have false teeth by the time I’m in my 40’s so I’m not too worried about this since I’m doomed anyways. The gum loss is disgusting though. But seriously. If you’re starting to notice your gums or your teeth changing or shifting, remove it immediately. That way, you can hopefully get it fixed and try again instead of pay for false teeth.

  40. Anonymous Says:

    i peirced my own last night twice and it seems fine . im just going to bring mouth wash every where i go !

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  42. destinie Says:

    I was thinking about getting the bottom of my lip pierced, but I don’t know if it will look right on me so how can I tell? and which side should I get it on? it would be my first lip piercing too.

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