Lemon Is Must-Have Beauty Secret

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Lemon is a great beauty and health keeper! It’s rich in C vitamin like no other fruit or berry. And it’s so much indispensable when one gets cold or simply wants to improve the health. It’s also widely used in beauty industry to highlight the hair for instance.


Celebrity Manicurist Marina Sandoval uses the juice of a lemon to bleach yellow nail stains.

“Remove yellow stains by using pure lemon juice,’ she suggests. ‘Rub hard over nails using saturated cotton wool, then follow with a nail buffer as this also helps to rid nails of that unsightly yellow hue.”

Victoria Health Pharmacist Shabir Dayar recommends blending some lemon juice with a tiny amount of olive oil and honey to soften dry skin of the face.

“Lemon juice helps eliminate dead cells, while honey allows the resulting mixture to set, as olive oil restores the lipid levels of the skin apart and it also has regenerative properties,” he explains.

Fresh Yellow Lemon

Ruby Hammer, celebrity make-up artist and co-founder of the Ruby & Millie make-up range, uses lemon as an emergency deodorant.

“Rub half a lemon under your arms – it makes a great natural deodorant,” she suggests. “You can then seal the lemon with some Clingfilm, then simply cut off a slice and use the fresh part the next day.”

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