Lady Gaga’s Beauty Secret

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Lady Gaga is obsessed with the idea of her fashion and of course, she cares much of her skin beauty. Her recent and last-lasting obsession is GliSODin – new age beauty treatment.

Lady Gaga

Nutricosmetics is the latest revolution in the world beauty industry where indigestible such as drinks and certain edibles improve the look of skin.

The GliSODin Nutricosmetics line was created by a group of nutritionists and dermatologists to ensure efficiency. Consuming skin care formulas in oral form is said to provide actual results and provide them faster than topical solutions.

The idea of the concept is that these formulas will help users radiate from within and provide a solution for our skin care problems.

There are some different formulas you can use depending on your skin issues:

  • Lady Gaga’s favorite is the Advance Skin Brightening Formula – promotes an even skin tone and prevents the skin against photo aging.
  • The Advance Daily Formula works to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin, promotes a natural healthy glow and protects the skin from harmful environmental factors which in turn help diminish premature aging.

The treatment formula takes away the toxins bothering your body and thus makes the skin radiate from inside.

The Poker Face singer started using it while filming her latest video – Bad Romance. What is your opinion on this point? Do you thin k that her skin looks better than ever now?

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