Know Your Dosha to Be Beautiful!

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Dosha is the oldest healing science taking its origin from India. Dosha divides people according to three elements Fire, Air and Earth, each of which has its distinctive characteristics that help people to find the balance for body, mind and soul.

The harmonizing Dosha gives you the Indian recipes of healthy organism, joyful spirit and slender body.

Here are these three beauty-aimed elements.

Vata (Air)

Celebrities and Ayurvedic followers: Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.

American model and actress Cameron Diaz

Characteristics: Likely to be slender and unable to gain weight easily. Tends to have dry skin and fine hair. Intolerant of cold, windy weather which leads to cold hands and feet in winter.

Personality: Unpredictable, creative and artistic. Highly motivated but easily stressed, scatty and quickly exhausted. Tends to be anxious and avoids confrontation.

Common complaints: Prone to sensitive skin, headaches, eczema, nervous disorders and digestive problems.

Recommended foods: Milk, green beans, eggs, fish, almonds and sunflower seeds.

Foods to avoid: Chilled drinks and raw food.

Steer clear of: Too many late nights, over exercising.

Kapha (Earth)

Celebrities and Ayurvedic followers: Oprah Winfrey, Christina Ricci, Kate Winslet.

Christina Ricci

Characteristics: Often large framed with a clear complexion and a slow pulse rate.

Personality: Honourable and loving. Solid, dependable and very loyal. Enjoys tradition and resistant to change. Sometimes lethargic and greedy.

Common complaints: Prone to ill health during the spring and late winter. Illnesses tend to revolve around congestion, fluid retention or excess mucus. Vulnerable to obesity, anorexia nervosa, drowsiness, laziness and loss of memory.

Recommended foods: Apples, apricots, peaches, plenty of fresh vegetables, chillies, onion, chicken and fish.

Foods to avoid: Sweet foods, fatty foods, dairy products and heavy starchy foods.

Steer clear of: Insufficient exercise, over eating, excessive dependence on a loving relationship.

Pitta (Fire)

Celebrities and Ayurvedic followers: Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna.

Cindy Crawford

Characteristics: Medium build and height, soft fair skin. Prone to acne and moles. More likely to go grey early or, if male, suffer from baldness. Intolerant to the heat and the sun.

Personality: Approachable, artistic but can be jealous, aggressive and easily irritated. Articulate, a good leader and fiery, passionate, dynamic and inspirational, but can be over-critical of others and often too intense and competitive.

Common complaints: Most prone to falling ill during the late spring/summer. High temperature, cracking and itchy skin, excessive thirst, skin warts, jaundice and a bitter taste in the mouth.

Recommended foods: Milk, butter, apples, avocado, watermelon, chicken, rice and whole grains.

Foods to avoid: Too much spicy food and alcohol, caffeine, salt, oily foods.

Steer clear of: Too much sun and saunas.

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