Jo Wood’s Drawn Eyelashes

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The 54-year-old star Jo Wood admits she was such a huge fan of 60s model Twiggy when she was a teen, that she would do anything to look like her.

Jo Woods cosmetic creation

She said:

“When I was a teen, Twiggy was my beauty inspiration – I even drew on eyelashes.”

The ex-wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, Jo has her own range of Jo Wood Organics cosmetics and skin care products. She is constantly testing out products.

She told Style magazine:

“For my fragrance, I love the citrusy smell of Eau Sauvage by Dior; it reminds me of going out in my 20s. Making beauty products myself means I’m always trying out other organic brands, but mascara and lipstick are the only things I don’t buy organic. I have to use Mac Zoom lash and I love MAC lipsticks, the paler the better.”

Jo has said that she was inspired to work on her collection after meeting a herbalist.

She said:

“I was put on steroids for a perforated appendix. They were b****y awful! Then I met a herbalist who completely changed my life. And everything became organic – I was like, obsessed!

She added on working in her bathroom-lab:

“My brother gave me this book which tells you how to make organic face oil and so on, and I turned my bathroom into a lab and got all these little brown bottles and funnels and then gave the oils to my girlfriends.”

That’s how it was! Everything starts from inspiration!

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