How to Treat Cracked Heels

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Hot Summer weather makes all and sundry slipping into a favorite pair of flip-flops or enjoying walking barefoot… But a few of us know that it is quite harmful for delicate foot skin. Besides, paired with improper foot care it frequently results in heels cracking. Find out how to treat cracked and dry heels.

Tips for Healing Cracked, Dry Heels

How to Treat Cracked Heels

Cracked heels not only look unattractive, but can be quite painful as well. Here are some tips following which you can get rid of cracked heels once and for all.

Prevention is key!

To keep your foot skin smooth and well-hydrated, be sure you moisturize daily and avoid taking hot long showers. The matter is that taking hot shower can dry out your feet and make them crack afterwards. Besides, to prevent your heels from cracking, podiatrists recommend wearing comfortable shoes that have an adequate support for your heels.


Hydrate your body from the inside out by drinking no less than 2l of plain water a day. Use an air humidifier in your home to moisturize the air.


Every time before going to bed soak your feet in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes to cleanse your feet. Add several drops of olive oil, milk or honey to make soften your foot skin.


Exfoliation is irreplaceable when it concerns to heeling dry cracked heels. Use an exfoliating cream or scrub your heels with a pumice stone, being careful not to irritate cracked skin areas. After rinse your feet and pat them dry. Apply any thick moisturizer or foot cream and dress your feet in a pair of warm socks.  Keep the socks on while you sleep and repeat the procedure until your feet get smooth and soft.

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2 Responses to “How to Treat Cracked Heels”
  1. Virginia Says:

    Instead of a pumice stone, I would recommend trying a glass foot file. It is gentler and as it can be washed easily, there is no danger of infection. I have not seen them much in the shops yet but you can order them online, for example the ones made by Aveniro are great. ;)

  2. Mona Says:

    I have the foot file made by Aveniro too and it’s really a perfect tool. I’ve got quite sensitive feet and this is the only thing I can use.

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