How to Treat Acne

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Many people, especially teenagers, suffer the problem of acne.

It is unsightly and embarrassing, and lots of people have hang-ups about chatting to their friends and close people face to face. However, the problem can be solved completely or the effects of it can be minimized.


There are plenty of ways to treat acne: natural acne treatments, laser treatments, etc.

Acne is an infection or disorder of the hair follicles or pores and sebaceous glands. Most often it takes the form of pimples, cysts, white heads, black heads, abscesses or nodules. And they can appear on almost every part of the body: face (that is most often), neck, chest, back and shoulders.

When the pores or sebaceous glands get blocked or plugged by sebum or bacteria acne is to occur. People who have greasy skin and an overabundance of sebum are the most subject to the problem.

Overabundance of sebum is caused by hormonal changes; that is why teenagers suffer the problem so often. But people much older than teenagers can have acne either.

Though the problem is rather complicated one can easily deal with it using natural treatment.

For instance, a number of herbs can be very effective: aloe vera, sage, sarsaparilla, yellow dock, burdock, basic, sandalwood, tea tree oil or green tea.


All you need to do is to seep the herbs in water and then apply the mixture to the affected areas. Turmeric is another good herb to treat acne. Take it internally or make it into a paste and then apply it to your skin.

Besides, you can use fruit as a good acne treatment: mango, pawpaw, grapefruit or any fruit that has lots of acid.

Apply the fruit directly to your skin or use it to make a mask by mashing it into a pulp. Leave the mask for fifteen minutes and then wash off.

When you have plenty of acne it is better to avoid using regular toners. Try making your own. It is not difficult actually.

Cucumber juice, apple cider vinegar and tea tree distilled in mineral water can be very effective toners for people who have acne. Rub an ice cube over your face before you tone – it will help to tighten the pores, which will also help to prevent acne.

All body problems can be cured if you try hard. All you need is your diligence and hope that it will work!

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2 Responses to “How to Treat Acne”
  1. Lara Says:

    i tried the cucumber juice! it’s an effective way to cure the face skin!

  2. Dora Says:

    i’m 17 and i’m tired of these f…ng acnes!!!!!! i’ll go crazy soon while fighting with them!

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