How to Stay Shine-Free All Day Long

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Shine is one of the greatest problems for hot summertime. And no wonder as there is nothing looking more disheveled than a mid-day oily and shiny face. Fortunately, we know how to help you. Stay shine-free all day long following our easy tips.

How to Stay Shine-Free All Day Long

Tips to Beat the Shine

Keeping your face free of shine is not all about blotting papers, mattifying powders and primers. Much more effective is to prevent than to camouflage. Keep these recommendations in mind when seeking for the products helpful in solving oil-control problem.

Exfoliate Regularly

Gentle exfoliation is a key point on the way to shine-free face. A gentle scrub will help to remove dead skin cells that can’t but make the oil-controlling products you apply more effective. Specialists recommend exfoliating weekly to get better results.

Go for Oil-Controlling Cleanser

It is actually the first step on the way to keep your face shine-free all day long. Any oil-controlling or oil-regulating cleanser containing salicylic acid or purifying clay is perfect for everyday use to clear pores and prevent excess oil formation. Start your daily shine-free routine with a proper cleansing procedure.

How to Stay Shine-Free All Day Long

Opt for Alcohol-free Toner

Any alcohol-based or infused with harsh chemicals toner that is extremely drying will cause skin to overcompensate oil production. That’s why you’d better opt for alcohol-free toner containing tea-tree oil or calendula extract.

Apply Clay-based Mask Weekly

Clay is a wonderful treatment when it comes to oil control. Applying clay-based mask once a week will help to clear pores and regulate oil production.

Besides, to make sure your makeup stays intact all day long, always keep blotting papers at hand.

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