How to Make your Breasts Beautiful

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How to Make your Breasts Beautiful

No doubt every woman dreams of beautiful taut breasts, especially on the edge of hot summer, when we are eager to show off our sultry bikini bodies. But you have to start preparing for bikini time right now by taking care and strengthening your breasts. Therefore I’ve decided to share with you tips on how to make your breasts beautiful.

As breast skin is very thin and isn’t rich in hypoderm, it requires constant moisturizing in order to avoid its extreme dryness and premature wrinkling.

Hydro massage is also one of the most effective remedy with premature breast skin wrinkling. Massage your breasts with cool water sheet clockwise for 10 minutes paying special attention to axillary creases and the area under your breasts.

Also you can massage your breasts with frozen milk cubes. But remember that breast skin is very sensitive; therefore massage moves should be tender.

Breast Skin Masks

Nourishing Mask. Mash a banana, add two drops of olive oil, and apply the derived mixture to your breasts for 30 minutes, wash off with warm water.

Refreshing Mask. Peel an orange, mash it and blend with frothed white of egg. Apply to décolleté, neck, and shoulders, cover with towel and keep for 15 minutes.

Moisturizing Mask. Grate a fresh cucumber and apply it to your breast skin.

Breast Workout

How to Make your Breasts Beautiful

  • Push-up exercises are very useful for breast muscles. To get the greater result you should do push-ups keeping your elbows close to body.
  • Press your hands together in front of your breasts, as though praying, and push hard for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • Take the dumbbells, lie down, bend your knees and lift dumbbells with both hands simultaneously, then pull down your hand slowly. Repeat 10 times.

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