How to keep good eyesight

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Some scientists say that bad eyesight is caused by the wrong perception of the world. If a person’s attitude to life is negative and he sees nothing good around him his eyesight worsens gradually to limit the flow of negative information.


It means to have good eyes one has to learn to see how wonderful the world is, to be positive no matter what happens.
The greatest doctor of the ancient times, Avicenna, gave some advice which is still effective nowadays:

–     To keep acute vision one shouldn’t examine small objects for a long time, sleep long on the back of the head, read too small prints and work with tiny things for long.
–     Drinking, eating too much or too frequent copulations are harmful for vision.
–     Never go to bed after you’ve eaten a huge meal.
–     Having a hot bath or sauna isn’t safe for eyes.
–     Long-term crying is to be avoided.
–     Exclude spicy meals and drinks from your ration as well as too dry and salty food.
–     Drink juice from sweet pomegranates.
These tips are still effective for our times. Someone wise once noted that a person can learn to see well after he’s learned to live well. And this is true as our eyes give away what we feel and how we live.

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