How Sunglasses’ Color Tints Protect Eyes

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The sun has already started sending its light warm rays to the every corner. But don’t forget that the rays can harm the eye, so it is necessary to care of the protective clothing for the eyes, which comes in many types depending upon the threat.

Sunglasses protect against high levels of visible and ultraviolet light from the sun.

Girl in Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect your eyes from dangerous light. The technologies and coatings for sunglasses that make this possible are as fascinating as they are varied. When you go to buy sunglasses, I advise you to search for the features that provide the protection you require for the purpose you plan to use your glasses for.

Sunglasses are tinted in various colors. The color tint determines which colors of light the lenses absorb. The most common method for tinting involves immersing the lenses in a special material, so that the tint is absorbed into the plastic lens.

One of the main goals for tinting is to reduce the amount of blue light, which can create glare (known as blue haze).

See the different color tints of sunglasses here:

Purple and Green Sunglasses

  • Purple and rose tints provide excellent contrast when the background is green or blue.
  • Green tints reduce glare and offer high contrast. They filter some blue light.

Yellow Grey Amber Sunglasses

  • Amber and brown tints reduce glare and absorb high frequency colors. They do a good job absorbing blue light.
  • Yellow and gold tints almost eliminate blue light. They make things look bright and clear, but they can distort colors. Yellow and gold tinted glasses are best in the snow.
  • Gray tints reduce brightness, minimally distorting color, and protect against glare. They’re a good choice for driving.

But the fact that you wear the sunglasses is the great start for the eyes care!

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  1. Frida Says:

    i thought the sunglasses’ color is just a fashion trick!

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