Healing Clays: Green Clay

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Skin care is an endless theme for us – women. I think you can agree with me if I say that covering the skin with masks, then lying on the bad absolutely relaxed, is such a pleasant and intimate process.

Green clay is one of the skin-care-methods. Green clay masks and baths commixed with aroma oils, herbal decoctions, olive oil and other ingredients had been popular even in Cleopatra’s era.

Green clay face mask

Its cosmetic characteristic include rich microelement composition (especially silver) that provides a regular run of metabolic process in the cell, prevents its aging and improves epithelium, hair and nails. At the same time it gives some special softness and velvety to the skin working as a mild pilling.

Green clay is good predominantly for oily and combination skins of face / head as it promotes the pores constriction, improves sebaceous glands functioning and tones up.

It contains magnesium, calcium, silver, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper, cobalt, molybdenum.

Green clay is a perfect antiseptic. Removing the pathogenic bacteria (and their toxins), it stimulates various sections of the immune system thus providing a strong safeguard against the microbal infections and furthering the tissues regeneration process.

Healing Clays: Green clay

Thanks to the compound chemical stuff, the clay has the alkalescent characteristics that are used in parodontosis treatment, getting into the norm of acid – alkaline balance and impeding caries.

Green clay is an ideal antidandruff agent. It calls for the blood inflow at the skin surface and brings enough nourishing to it. It also suscitates the skin toning, shaping it. The clay smoothes out the wrinkles and takes away an edema.

Green clay is worth using!

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One Response to “Healing Clays: Green Clay”
  1. global warming Says:

    Many years back we learned that silver would not come out of the body. That is why one used to see people who’s skin was grey. From taking colloidal silver.
    This green clay they say one can take it internally to. But seeing there is silver in this product. How will one expect to remove or have this silver taken out of the body?

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