Guide to Perfect Fake Tan

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Guide to Perfect Fake Tan

Self-tanning lotions and creams are a surefire way to get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow on your skin without even exposing your body to harmful UV-rays. But your self-tanning experiment can turn into real disaster if you don’t know how to make it properly. Well, to start with, make sure you learn our tips on how to get perfect fake tan.

Fake Tan Tips:

Try Before Using

It is like with hair dye… in order to find the most suitable tone, you should first of all test your self-tanner applying it to a hidden part of your body and wait a couple of days. If you like the shade you get, then go for it. Specialists recommend starting with the shade that is one tone darker than your natural skin tone.

Exfoliate 24 Hours Before Applying

Exfoliating your skin at least the day before applying self-tanning lotion or cream can ensure even tan. It is advisable to exfoliate as well as wax or shave at least 24 hours before applying self-tanner in order to avoid irritation. The same goes to the ‘after-tanning’ period, avoid shaving, exfoliating or waxing for 24 hours.

How to Find your Self-tanner Formula

The most important step is to find the formula that works best for you. There are three common types of sunless tanning products: spray, lotion/cream and mousse.

  • Spray formula surely is the easiest tool for self-tanning. It doesn’t require direct hand application. But you should be very careful spraying it onto your body as it is very easy to be over-applied.
  • Self-tanning lotion or cream requires more efforts, but it is worth it. Start with your feet and legs, moving upwards.
  • Mousse is the most efficient formula, due to its foaming structure. But the same as with lotion make sure not to apply it to one area more than once.
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