Facial Gymnastics: Double Chin

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Your face can look perfect thanks to various creams, botox injections or even surgery (that is not very safe!) or you can achieve great results by facial exercises which we have already written about.

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There are many ways to improve the look of your face. But what cannot be changed by any of the methods mentioned above, except for facial aerobics, is your chin area. The problem of double chin will be solved exclusively if you do facial exercises and it doesn’t require too much time or finances.

Exercises for Double Chin

To correct the form and size of your chin you should do facial exercises regularly.

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The secret of these exercises is that they strengthen the muscles, lift the skin and reduce under-chin fat. When you do these exercises on the regular basis, that is once or twice every day, you can feel the first results in two weeks. Here are the exercises to make your chin look nice:

Sit down straight. Tilt your head back. Pull down the neck skin with your hand collarbone-high and keep holding this way while you are exercising. Then pull your lower jaw forward and press your lips together. Stay in this position for 2 seconds. Then release for another two seconds and repeat the cycle again. Make 30 repetitions a day. You will feel the neck muscles and skin stretching.

Lie on your back with straight legs and hands on the floor near your thighs. Press your chin to your chest and hold in this position for 2 seconds. Then slowly tilt your head back, then again slowly press your chin to the chest. Make 25 repetitions.

Lie on your back with straight legs and hands on the floor near your thighs. Lift your head up, so that your chin is the highest point of the head, hold it for 2 seconds, then slowly release and lay your head down. Make 30 repetitions. You should feel your neck skin stretch.

Exercising the muscle we call the platysma is the most recommended exercise for getting rid of a double chin. To exercise this muscle, open your mouth wide, pull your bottom lip over your bottom teeth, and then work your jaw up and down as if you were trying to scoop something up with your lower jaw.

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When doing these exercises make sure, that the rhythm of your breath coincides with the rhythm of your motions. For instance, breathe in, as you lift your head and breathe out, as you lay your head down.

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Double chin looks terrible and spoils the whole view of yours. So if you feel enough of it, do the exercises above. The results will be fantastic!

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  1. Judy Says:

    My Mom’s got this problem, i guess i have to make her do these exarcises. hope they will really work.

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