Face Massage

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We care much about our facial skin moisturing and protecting, but there is one more thing every woman should know and practice constantly – facial massage.

There is no contra-indication to this massage no matter if your face skin is young and healthy or damaged and aging. It helps to keep fat and water balance of the skin in norm . It’s particularly wholesome for people suffering nervous disorders and inclined to depression because these conditions affect the face significantly.

Face Massage

Clean your skin thoroughly before massaging it. If you have dry, prematurely aging or problematic skin apply almond or apricot oils after cleaning and cover it with warm towel to heat it up.

Then rub the oil evenly all over the face (except eyes and lip areas of course). Remove the oil from the face with the help of small amount of lavender or rose water. Sprinkle your face a little with mineral water as an additional wetting agent to prevent further insiccation.

There are 4 main massage movements:

“Flowing”. Flowing massaging should be very delicate over the face. It soothes the skin and stimulates the lymphatic glands functioning and blood circulation. Move the palms carefully along the skin surface intensifying the moves with every following.

“Strong”. These massaging movements could be done only if the skin muscles are completely relaxed. This sort of massage includes rubbing, rotation, tapotement, stretching and harsh massaging. The tension on the skin should increase gradually.

Face Massage1

“Strong” massage is effective predominantly for flabby and aging skin. But if you want to try it with young skin, use some cream for the procedure. That will improve blood circulation and lymphatic glands functioning thus ameliorating bacteriological skin protection. It cleans the skin from dead tissues and helps it to remain fresh and beautiful.

“Stepping”. These are the quick and light strokes. This massage intensifies the smoothing of the nerve endings and improves blood circulation. Such movements tone up the skin and stretch it.

But there is one thing you should pay your attention at: if you practice the massage for too long, it can cause some redness and pain on the skin in the event of touching provoked by the high rush of blood. So be careful!

“Vibration”. The vibrations are produced by the fast, tension-weak movements of the hand over the skin. It allows achieving a soothing and stimulating effect with the help of the palm, fingers and fists. This massage is perfect for the sensitive skin as it doesn’t damage the capillaries.

Usually a visible effect can be seen the next day after the first massage procedure. It holds up the skin aging process. So, if you never tried it, you lose nothing if you do and your skin gains beauty!

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  1. Suminj Says:

    The Snsitive Massage is truly magical. It can bring a smile to your face

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