Eyelash Transplantation

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It is a common fact that the upper eyelid contains about 90-160 hairs reaching 8-12mm in length. The lower eyelid contains fewer hairs – 75-80 – of 6-8mm in length. Each month hairs are shed, and replaced by new ones soon reaching the same length. It is a natural renewal process and we cannot influence on it.

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Despite all the arguments about products that promise substantial growth of your eyelashes, no miraculous cream or oil can cause eyelashes to grow longer and thicker. Length, thickness, color, and growth rate of eyelashes are genetically determined. However, modern medical achievements can change the situation. It is hair transplantation that I am speaking about. The first experiments were performed by Dr. Diffenbach two centuries ago in 1822, and as a result of them today’s fashion-conscious women can obtain the eyelashes they dream about.

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Modern eyelash transplantation procedure can be compared to jeweler’s art though everything may seem very simple at first sight. Donor hair is extracted (one follicle at a time) from either your scalp or your leg. It is usually taken from a site that has finer rather than coarser hair, finer hair is a better “match” for eyebrow hair. Then donor hair is transplanted micro surgically 1 or 2 hairs at a time. Each hair is placed into a tiny cut specially prepared for it.


The operation usually lasts for 1.5-2 hours under local anesthesia, and is similar to a typical hair transplantation procedure to treat baldness.

If the operation is successful a girl will have luscious eyelashes over a couple of weeks. Hair grows in cycles so the effect is not immediate, don’t expect it to be soon after the procedure is completed. Actually it can take up to 4-6 months before the new hairs start to grow in your eyelash.

Hundreds of operations have been performed but doctors haven’t still managed to make a clear classification of contradictions and side effects as well as determine the duration of effect. Usually cosmetologists say everything depends on each client’s individual characteristics.

Nevertheless there are some post operative complications. They include: minor itching, eyelid infection, pain, swelling in the area of transplantation and ingrown hair grafts which are easily treated by the physician. Avoid scratching the recipient site as this may dislocate or dislodge the grafts.

And the most obvious side effect of the procedure is that transplanted eyelashes retain their genetic hair characteristics and will keep on growing vigorously, or curl if your hair is curly. So, remember that you will have to trim your lashes or straighten them. By the way, this is just the reason why eyelash transplantation is not recommended to girls with curly hair.


Basically the procedure is safe enough and if you want to have luxurious lashes consult your cosmetologist. If he says it is all right with you, go for it! Make a stand out with chic eyelashes no one else has!

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  1. Mary R. Says:

    having read the post and changed my mind to undergo this operation. i’d better build them up.

  2. shy Says:

    i love beautiful eyes&lashes.

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