Exercises to enlarge lips

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Lots of women want to make their lips fuller and even ready to turn to a surgical solution of their problem.

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The wish to look more attractive and sexy and make men’s heads go wild forces women to run the risk of having those many post-operational problems.

In fact, every woman can make her lips larger without any surgical interventions.

The exercises described in this article will help you to improve the tone and enlarge your lips in a non-surgical way.

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During the first month, do these exercises every day, if you have time do them even twice a day; then practice this complex just 2-3 times per week to maintain the shape of your lips.

Each time you’re going to start doing the exercises wash your face thoroughly and rinse your mouth intensively (first with warm and then with cold water).

Do a set of 10 repetitions for each exercise at first, then slowly increase the number to 20 during the first month.

Exercise 1

Stretch your lips out in front well, open your mouth, then close your lips tightly and relax the face muscles. Keep your mouth closed, move your lips to the right and then to the left repetitively, then draw a small eight with your lips.

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Exercise 2

Make a deep breath-in and puff out your cheeks, roll up your lips into a tube. Breathe the air out gradually and slowly at first, by the time you finish breathing out, push the air out with a two-three blows.

Exercise 3

Stretch your lips out and then sharply breathe out, as if you try to blow out a candle. Slowly relax your lips.

Exercise 4

Slowly say [a] [e] [o] [u], then make a deep breath in. Puff up your cheeks and breathe out the air through half-closed lips, then make a deep breath in. Puff up your cheeks and breathe out the air through half-closed lips so that they vibrate while you breathe the air out. A low buzzing sound should be produced.

Exercise 5

Whistle some familiar themes for 2-5 minutes, try to make the sound as loud and clear as it is possible.
These exercises are really helpful when combined with proper everyday care procedures.

What you need to do is a morning massage for your lips with a soft tooth-brush. When you finish put some balm on your lips and only after that you can put on your lipstick.

If you do this on the regular basis you will forget about dry, flaking lips soon.

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It is also recommended to moisturize lips with a special moisturizing balm before bedtime, in case you do not have one, you can use your usual gentle eyelid cream.

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