Easy Tips for Better Skin

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Easy Tips for Better Skin

Perfect skin is every woman’s dream. And no wonder, as radiant and healthy skin is a universal symbol of woman’s beauty.   But to keep your skin beautiful and clear, you need to take proper care of it. Learn our easy tips for better looking skin.

4 Steps to Better Looking Skin

Drinking plenty of water, moisturizing, cleansing and applying sunscreen are the ‘classic’ rituals you must stick to and perform regularly if you’d like to get clear skin. In addition follow these 4 steps to better looking skin:

Drink Green Tea

Easy Tips for Better Skin

Beside drinking plenty of plain water daily, specialists recommend falling on green tea. Green tea is known for its great anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, this healthy beverage is believed to prevent collagen destruction, promoting skin to be firmer.

Avoid Stress

Easy Tips for Better Skin

Stress is a bitter enemy of clear skin! The matter is that stress increases the hormone production in your body, which makes your skin oilier that can’t but lead to breakouts. To avoid stress, regularly practise easing-up techniques, like yoga, meditation or swimming.

Stretch out Your Sleep

Easy Tips for Better Skin

Chinese scientists found out that lack of sleep leads to acne more among adolescents. Besides, insufficient sleep makes you negative, and depressed, that can lead to overeating, over-caffeinating and more. It puts your body in stress, and stress, as we know prevents us from having beautiful and clear skin.

Improve Your Air Quality

Easy Tips for Better Skin

Improving the quality of air you breathe is a must for those who want to get radiant and healthy skin. Change your air filter in furnace regularly and run a humidifier in your bedroom to prevent skin from dehydration. Besides, try to avoid smoky environments.

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