Dry Skin – Ways to Help It

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Dry skin causes lots of discomfort to its owner: redness, itching, wrinkles, etc. But it can be avoided and treated if you know what causes it and how to deal with dry skin.

Let’s start with what causes dry skin. There are many factors including:

  • Cold weather and low humidity.
  • Central heating – makes air dry and this causes dry skin.
  • Aging – any skin type is more prone to dryness as the person ages. This happens due to the fact that our skin cannot produce enough oils, the skin gets thinner and estrogen lever drops.
  • Dry skin occurs more often with people who have skin type I or II.

Among other causes we can mention: dehydration, malnutrition, diabetes, eczema or low thyroid hormones.

dry skin treatment
The problem of dry skin can be treated. Just follow some daily regime rules:

  • While having shower use lukewarm water, don’t take long showers or baths.
  • Apply moisturizer on the damp skin to seal in moisture.

  • Opt for mild soap and say ‘no’ to perfumed soaps.
  • Use a humidifier at home, especially when the heating is on.
  • Stay away from skin care products that contain alcohol.
  • Avoid washing your face too frequently.
  • Choose moisturizers that contain emollients, such as urea and mineral oils. They are necessary to soften skin and provide a barrier to keep moisture inside and make the harmful agents out. Opt for a moisturizer which has lipids (fat or waxes) such as cholesterol, lecithin or glycerol.
  • To get rid of the flaky and rough layer of dead skin, apply a gentle exfoliant containing alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid.
  • Wear sunscreen each time you go out, especially in the most dangerous hours.
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Mona Liz

Mona Liz is a beauty and healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a passion for writing, music, cats, fitness, and food.

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  1. Tavia Says:

    If it was up for us to choose our skin type I think I didn’t know what to choose. Now I have oily type of skin and sensitive in the same time. I even post an article about this on my blog. Every type of skin has its own problems.

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