Down With Pimples!

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Skin is a very tricky and complicated part of our organism. And in its perfect healthy condition it’s smooth and shining. But if you’ve noticed a pimple on your face, you should know that it’s a signal of some disorder your organism wants you to solve as quickly as it’s possible. Let’s establish an individual approach to the pimples cure.

Down With Pimples

1st method – make-up!

Yes, you can mask the pimple. But don’t “decorate” it with your every day make up as it can only worsen the problem, but with the one bought in a drugstore or specialized stores – medicinal make up.

Anti-inflammatory correctors contain antibacterial agents and redness neutralizing green-colored special pigments. Toners and powders have the ingredients regulating sebum in the compositions. This sort of medicinal make up soothes the skin tone, bringing a matt effect and healthy glowing, and along this it treats problem areas.

2nd method – cosmetics!

If the appearance of skin pimples becomes a regular thing, then appeal to the special cosmetics for problem skin care. Creams, masks, cleansers are invented just for removing of benign pimples and acne.

Take as a note that these are more prophylactic products than medical. They are available without prescription, but it doesn’t mean that you are free to overdoze your skin with them. This cosmetic has the active agents in its formula that suppress bacteria growth, oxidize, exfoliate the horny skin cells and prevent sebaceous glands from corking.

Sometimes, it can cause skin redness, peeling and even allergy if your skin is extremely sensitive or before the period. Consult a cosmetologist before applying something like that onto the skin and follow his strict recommendations.

Down With Pimples1

3rd method – home-made!

Our grandmoms’ recipes are still timely as an addition to the problem skin cosmetics. Here are some of them that are recommended by cosmetologists themselves.

Aloe Lotion. Moisten wad of gauze with aloe juice, put it onto the inflamed spot for half an hour. Repeat the procedure every day. The course of treatment is 30 applies.

Calendula Lotion. Pour 0.05 gal into 0.70 oz dry flowers and boil it for 10 minutes. Then let it draw for about one hour. Rub your face two times a day with this cooled off lotion. Keep it in the fridge.

Sebum-regulating mask. Mix up 1.76 oz fresh yeast, 1 tbsp honey and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Apply the mixture onto the face for 30 minutes. Make this mask 1-2 times per week and sebum will be reduced as a result.

4th method – dietary!

To say “farewell” to pimples, you’ll have to part from some skin unhealthy ration foods or to lessen the dosage as a minimum. A cup of coffee? Your coffee limit is one cup a day! Due to caffeine there is a stress hormone growth that, in its turn, is one of the causes of middle-aged-women skin pimples.


Talking about sweets and farinaceous food, I should mention that you have to restrict them as well. Halve the amount of the products high in sugar and you’ll feel much better. Change fried meat for lean meat. Tasty and wholesome nuts can harm the problem skin. One more restriction – cheese, ice cream, cream, sour cream. Dietitians recommend onion and garlic when having skin disorders as they clean up the blood and provide antimicrobial effect.

5th method – sexual!

To have a beautiful face skin, practice making love regularly, say some western cosmetologists. Bold advice but not devoid of sense. As far as lots of middle-aged women have hormonal imbalance – men sex hormone surplus.

During sex our organism produces female sex hormone – oestrogen that influences skin and hair condition; and oxytocin – merry spirit hormone. Endocrine profile comes to normal and pimples are the matter of the past. But there is a great difference between sex and sex with love. Simple act of sex doesn’t provide enough of oestrogen and it doesn’t improve skin much.

6th method – salon!

Specialists assure that you should undergo the peeling procedure independently of your skin type and age. But if consulting a salon cosmetologist, she can offer you a large variety of procedures for face cleaning.

7th method – medicamental!

If the pimples are regular and home made recipes are useless, go to your physician. And test yourself through gynecology, allergy and etc. if necessary. There can be some problems inside your organism that means you should undergo a whole-body checkout in find out what is wrong with you.

Diagnostic decisions from different-specialized doctors will help your cosmetologist to diagnose correctly and more precisely.

woman with pills

8th method – hardware-based!

For complicated forms of pimples or acne phototherapy and lasers can be used (treating with red and blue light). As a result the inflammation fades away and epidermis renews thus getting you rid of the pimples and tracks after them. But unfortunately, without medicines this treatment does nothing. The recurrence is pretty possible.

9th method – surgical!

This method is used for the hardest situations. But in any case it is worth mentioning. The gist of the method is to cut the pimples out. Usually, it is done when there is a serious inflammation. In fact it’s better not to harm your skin so badly when you have nothing to do but to undergo a surgery.

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