Do-it-yourself Brow Correction.

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Brows add some savour to the woman’s beautiful face if they are correctly colored and formed. Nice brow line emphases the eyes and hides your tiredness marking you look younger. Brow correction brings your face nearer to the ideal.

hot brows

Each of us is given the unique brow line. And the brow correction procedure allows brightening it up in accordance with your face harmony.

The brow correction line should be chosen according to your personal face type:

Oval face is looking great with arched line brows.

Square face – long a bit bow-shaped brows.

Round face looks well with slightly raised and rounded at the end.

Hatchet-faced womenlook are well with straight brows remote from the bridge of nose.

brow correction

Brows should begin and end at the appointed points. To define these points, put the pencil in a line from the nose wing to the inner eye corner.

Imagine an up line from the eye corner to the brow. The point where this line ends is the point the eye brow should start from.

The highest part of the arch should be planned at the extension of the upper lip centre part via pupil to the brow. To define the end of it you should use the pencil again but through the tail of your eye this time.

The external part of the brow shouldn’t be lower than its inner part otherwise your look will immediately turn into the sad one.

Use the pincers you comfortable to operate with, small brush and wad of cotton wool. Watch over your hands and pincers clearness.

Wet the places you’re going to work over with the warm wad of cotton wool for 5-7 minutes and then cover your under brow skin with the cream. To remove the redness after the procedure do the same but only with the cold wet wad of cotton wool.

Pull out the eye brow in the direction from the inner part to the out one of the brow in the line of the hair growth beyond the borders of the planned shape.

The higher the brow line the bigger your eyes are. That’s why the upper border shouldn’t be pulled out hard even if you want a very thing brow. Don’t overdo it!


When the correction is over go to the coloring…

To be continued…

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4 Responses to “Do-it-yourself Brow Correction.”
  1. Fussy girl Says:

    Thanks a lot for the information. i’ve always done my brow correction at teh beaty shop but now i’m short of finances and has to do it myself. it’s not easy but i found your article helpful much.

  2. smile Says:

    Interesting! Interesting! Interesting! i didn’t know many things in fact!

  3. Gretta Says:

    nice post! i never practiced to do it myself (i was always afraid) but now i think i can try!

  4. Anonimous Says:

    brow lines are very important!

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