Delicate Eye Skin Care Tips

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It is an open secret that our eye skin is very delicate, sensitive and vulnerable. Moreover it has some peculiarities that make it more delicate than other areas of skin. For instance there are almost no muscles under eye skin; also there is a little subcutis, but a lot of blood vessels that are very close to the skin surface. And unfortunately all these eye skin peculiarities beget negative consequences, such as eye skin stretching, because of which skin under eyes tends to fast aging and formation of wrinkles as a result. And close-situated veins can cause the formation of dark circles under eyes. Therefore delicate eye skin requires special care. Keep reading and you will find out all the necessary eye skin care tips.

Delicate Eye Skin Care Tips

Eye Skin Care Do’s

Firstly if you suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes when you wake up in the morning, it would be useful to:

  • Blot your eye skin with cooling gel or
  • Apply gel mask to your eyes
  • Also various types of compresses will give you a positive effect. One of the best is sage or chamomile tea that should be applied to eyes in the morning.

Delicate Eye Skin Care Tips

But if everything turns out to be useless you are to see a doctor, because your eye puffiness can be caused by kidney malfunction.

Well, in order to prevent wrinkle formation you should always wear sunglasses when the Sun is shining and don’t forget to use various moisturizing beauty aids, that should be chosen according to you age group.

Eye Skin Care Don’ts

And here are some things you could do on no consideration whatever!

  • Don’t apply oil rich beauty creams, as such products bridge the pores and it can cause irritations.
  • Don’t apply beauty aids that are set for face care.
  • Don’t rub cream into your eye skin, only gentle and light touches are allowed.
  • Remove your makeup before going to sleep.

Delicate Eye Skin Care Tips

And in conclusion I’d like to add that the best eye skin care remedy is a good healthy sleep. Take care of yourself properly and the result will not be slow to arrive!

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