Decollete Area Care

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Decollete area is the tenderest. It consists of a few sebaceous glands thus less sebum is exuded. This leads to the fact that first wrinkles appear right at this zone. Skin of this area wears out due to a whole number of reasons: diets, solarium, natural sun tan, too tight bra or its lack.

Decollete area

Cosmetologists suppose topless tanning should be avoided completely. The décolleté zone must be covered by the creams before and after the sun baths.

Some women still think that if they want their breasts to remain girlish-young-like, they should refuse wearing a bra as it helps to train and keep up the shape. That’s not true! Under the influence of gravity, the breasts skin is getting worn out and the breasts lower in a while, loose the form. It happens if you dance, practice in a gym or go jogging without a bra.

Decollete skin should be boosted from the age of 25, after 30 – skin tonning and lifting are as necessary as air. You’d better fix your skin regularly, at least 1 time per week. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time to make a visit to the beauty salon once a week, but we can spend some time performing these procedures at home.

Must-be-done décolleté masks, compresses and lotions:

In the morning:

Wash yourself with cool water. Dry the décolleté area with the help of towel slightly and apply the cream moving from the clavicle to the chin.

Or another method: wash yourself, put the cream on the skin and let it soaked into. Then massage your neck and décolleté areas by the salt-water-wet-towel.

In the evening:

Rejuvenating compress: apply the cream on the zones and wrap them with the warm wet towel. Hold it for 30 minutes.

Herbal compresses are very effective either. Use herbal potions of camomile, sage, mint, lime blossom and other soothing herbs. Having moistened the towel with hot potion, put it on the skin for 5 minutes. Then rub the skin carefully with the ice cube.

Banana mask

Mash one banana, add a few drops of almond oil/ olive oil/ linseed oil, then stir it thoroughly and put it on the clean skin. Rinse it out in a half of an hour with warm water.

Decollete Area Care

Another banana mask

Take one banana and mix it with 2 tbsp curb, add 1 tbsp table cream and 1 yolk. Blend it all and apply onto the décolleté area for 30 minutes.

Potato compress

Take 2 potatoes and prepare potato mash. Add 1 teaspoon olive oil and glycerine. Put the mixture at some cotton cloths and cover the neck and décolleté areas. Wrap it with warm towel or scarf. Take it off in 15-20 minutes and apply some nourishing cream.

Decollete Area Care

Lemon lotion

Take 1 egg yolk, half-glass sour cream and stir it. Then pour 1 oz whisky and half-lemon juice. Wipe the zones we talk about with this lotion. Lemon juice is extremely effective in nourishing, cleaning, soothing and whitening the skin. Keep the lotion in the fridge for 1 week.

Orange mask

Knead an orange and add 1 frothed white of egg. Put the mask on to the neck, breasts, shoulders, cover them with cotton piece and warm towel. Rinse it in 15 minutes with warm water. Apply the cream. This mask nourishes and freshens the skin up well.

Rejuvenating Orange mask

Mix up 2 tbsp fatty curb with half-orange juice and 1 teaspoon vegetable oil. Apply the mask onto the skin, cover it with warm cotton cloths and keep it there for 15-20 min. Rinse it out with warm water.

Vegetable mask

Take a mashed boiled potato and knead it with a few amount of vegetable juice – carrot, cucumber or tomato. Put the mixture onto the skin, warm it by the cotton cloth and towel. Wash it away in 15 min.

Citrus cleaning lotion

Pour 2 tbsp lemon juice/ grapefruit juice/ orange juice in to the strong green tea.

Herbal potion

Mix up 1 tbsp dry mint/ lime blossom/ chamomile with 1 boiled water glass. Bring it to the readiness at the water bath for 15 minutes.

Cucumber lotion

Grate 1 fresh cucumber, add 1.5 oz whisky. Draw it for 1 week, then filter and keep in the fridge.

Take care of what is evident!

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