Clarisonic Skin Care System

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Everyone knows that even the most expensive cosmetic products will hardly be effective in making your skin flawless if you don’t cleanse the skin well. This is the most significant procedure in skin care. Failing to cleanse skin can cause a whole host of problems, including clogged pores, spots and dry, sallow, unhealthy-looking skin, etc.

But as it turns out various wipes, creams and scrubs can be not enough to achive the effect you hope for. For this case a new beauty gadget that looks very much similar to a huge toothbrush was invented and launched in Britain last week.

The gadget called the Clarisonic Skin Care System can remove make-up six times more effectively than a manual cleanser, and is twice as effective when it comes to getting rid of grease, dirt and other assorted gunk that collects in our pores and on our skin.

supersonice skin care device

When I said toothbrush I wasn’t kidding. The toothbrush analogy is based on the fact that the product was developed by the team behind the Sonicare electric toothbrush, which as well as brushing teeth claims to be able to remove more plaque because of its ‘patented sonic technology’.

By ‘sonic’ it is referred to the very fast oscillating movement of the bristles. The high-frequency vibrations create a form of turbulence in any liquid around the teeth – saliva, toothpaste and water – and, as a result, these micro movements help dislodge plaque from the teeth.

The new device works the same way. With 300 movements a second, as well as cleaning and massaging the skin, apparently it also causes micro movements in the cleanser and water you use with it, which help dislodge any dirt.

When your skin is cleaner, your existing skincare is more effective,’ says David Hughes, Clarisonic’s director of international operations.

It unlocked the benefits of every single skincare product I own because it allows all of your favourite serums and creams to penetrate much better than they are right now,’ says Nicky Kinnaird, the founder of Space NK, who will be stocking Clarisonic exclusively.

This new gadget has been tried by some celebs already. The list includes big names like Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bundchen and Demi Moore.

The technology promises to be effective with lots of skin problems, from rosacea and acne to shaving rashes and those tiny bumps you can get on the back of your arms (Clarisonic comes with a number of different heads, including one that can be used on the body).

Multifunctional and super-effective as it seems. I haven’t tried it myself but if you did write me about the results.

In case you are interested and want to try it the Clarisonic Skincare System is available at

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One Response to “Clarisonic Skin Care System”
  1. Georgia Dell Says:

    I have be using the Clarisonic for 2 weeks and it gives my skin a real buzz! It already feels softer, cleaner and more zingy – for which I mean radiant. I have been a Sonicare user for a couple of years and so the concept wasn’t alien to me. What did amaze me was the amount of extra make up it removed AFTER I had cleansed – I never knew I left so much gunk on my face, no wonder I had breakouts.

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