Cindy Crawford’s mole problem

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Cindy Crawford’s mole has been the most famous mole in history. It has to be the most photographed one in showbusiness. And now it might cause a problem to its owner.

cindy crawford mole problem

It is quite obvious that the beauty spot on the model’s left cheek has become much bigger and is the source of some concern for Cindy. The supermodel is afraid it may turn cancerous.

When Cindy’s carreer started in the late 1980s the mole was a little more than a freckle but since then it has grown and now protrudes noticeably above the surface of the skin.

cindy crawford young

Doctors advise that moles which change shape or colour should be monitored in case they turn into malignant melanomas – cancerous growths on the skin.

Miss Crawford said in an interview to the Mail:

It’s not something I really like to talk about. But I do now get this and all my moles checked out every year as a matter of course. Of course it should be an issue we all have to take seriously.’

She added:

I keep very healthy otherwise. I exercise regularly and eat well. I don’t smoke and I drink only occasionally when I may have a glass of champagne.’

Well, we all know that diseases don’t differentiate between famous and infamous, rich and poor. Hope everything will be all right with Cindy.

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