Choosing the Best Concealer for Your Skin

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Concealer is a perfect way to hide the minor imperfections that make your skin less perfect than it should be. Here are some basics tips on choosing the best concealer for your skin type and tips on applying it!
Choosing the Best Concealer for Your Skin

Concealer 101

If you suffer from occasional minor imperfections that ruin your flawless skin, such as dark circles under eyes, freckles (some think it is an imperfection), occasional pimple and such – a concealer can help you with that! The concealer is typically a few shades lighter than foundation, and is most effective when applied clean and moisturized skin. In comparison to liquid, powder or cream foundation, most concealers are heavier in coverage and consistency. There are four different types of concealer products: powder, paste, stick and liquid, and in can be in different colors as well: from yellow and peach, to blue, green and purple! You would be surprised to know that the first concealer was sold in 1938 by Max Factor.
Choosing the Best Concealer for Your Skin
Generally a concealer is applied by a brush, but it is also acceptable to apply the concealer with a finger, and for this purpose use your ring finger. If you want to reduce wrinkles, first use a primer, then a concealer. It is important to apply the concealer before foundation for maximum effectiveness. There are also different options of concealer for winter and summer times. It is important to pick the right color of your concealer, and for this purpose you will need to apply the concealer directly to area you want to cover, and stand in direct sunlight to test its ability to hide the blemish or scar. In general, concealer creates a clean canvas for perfect makeup application. When applied skillfully, a concealer can successfully cover large pores, reduce eye bags, or hide acne and pimples. When applying the concealer make sure that your skin is clean and moisturized, this way you are sure that concealer won’t fade off. Another important thing is to determine your skin type, and this usually can be done by observation.

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