Chapped – smooth lips’ exchange!

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Smooth lips tell about your healthy beauty!

Chapped-Smooth Lip' Exchange4

Sometimes it’s so hard to keep the lips smooth all the year round taking into consideration the life fact that the lips get thinner, smaller and dryer as a person advances in years.

Simple tips for smooth lips:

1. Apply a gentle scrub to your lips using a light circular motion, leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Chapped-Smooth Lips' Exchange3

2. Don’t forget to moisture the lips after scrubbing.

3. Apply a lip balm instead of the lipstick or as a base under the lipstick to smooth the lips. Choose the balm depending on the season outdoors. If it’s wintertime the balm should combine freeze protective and moistening composition. And if it’s heating summer use the balm with Vitamins A, C & E and SPFs.

4. If your lips are in need of a little extra-special care, bring all the healing power of the lip renew to your lips with its ability to soothe and hydrate dry chapped lips and to diminish the lines and wrinkles around the lips that plague so many women.

5. Switch your lipstick, lip balm, or toothpaste. In some cases, chapped lips can signal an adverse reaction to an ingredient in one of these products.

6. Never lick the lips as far as it can worsen the harmed chapped lips! (see item 2)

Chapped-Smooth Lips' Exchange2

7. Try mustering glosses and vitamins containing lipsticks that smooth the lips!

Start taking care of your lips’ health now and aging will not affect you!

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