Cameron Diaz Loves Getting Older

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Hollywood has plunged into the botox and silicon, into various plastic surgeries but there are some individuals who enjoy aging. Cameron Diaz is one of them. Looking at her joyful life style I am pretty sure that it’s true.

Cameron Diaz

The Holiday actress loves the process of getting older as she feels sexier and more confident.

She tells Brit magazine Look:

“I love getting older! I feel more self-possessed, which I think allows you to be more sexy, more confident. It’s also natural that as I get older I play mothers and wives and be part of different kinds of films.”

The 37-year-old Cameron just played an excellent role as the mother in the hit film My Sister’s Keeper alongside Abigail Breslin. She says:

“Women are obsessed with looking young, but what about the innocence of youth? The thing to envy in young people is not how they look but their innocence.”

As for her career, she says she’s happy to keep trekking along until it’s just not making her happy anymore.

“I’m not 40 yet and I don’t know what I am going to want,” she says. “I’m certainly not sitting here worrying about where I am going to be at, I am just making the most out of the life I am living as I have been doing all along. As long as I am happy making movies, I will keep making movies. If I’m not, then I will do something else.”

Good for you, Carmen.

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