Blackcurrants against under-eye circles

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Great news for those who prefer using natural products for cosmetic purposes! The new ingredient for treating beauty problems has been discovered, and it’s nothing but blackcurrant!

Blackcurrants have proved to be a good treatment for under-eye circles – the problem women have suffered for centuries. We get them when we are tired, stressed, sick – there are lots of causes. But concealing them perfectly is still a complicated thing even for a modern woman and only rather skillful and patient ladies can cope with that.

Now we now that the problem that has been torturing us for a pretty long period of time doesn’t need to be treated with expensive creams, it’s blackcurrant that can help.


The study that has revealed the strong properties of blackcurrant was conducted in Japan. 33 healthy women have been tested by researchers in Japan at Hirosaki University. It was found that the consumption of blackcurrants improved the blood flow around the optical nerves and drastically reduced the effect of ‘sagging eyes’.

The fact is that conventional medicine has been using blackcurrant to help to improve blood circulation. And the newly-discovered effect is said to be derived from the ability of the natural components in blackcurrants, such as anthocyanins, to increase the blood flow in the capillaries in these dark regions thereby delivering more oxygen to the tissues. This encourages them to expand, helping to reduce the dark shadowed effect.

And what is even more interesting and important is that it’s not just fresh blackcurrants that can help. Blackcurrants in any form will work well, whether you consume those in the form of juices, jams, fruit smoothies, pies or fresh and frozen blackcurrants.

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