Black spots – how to get rid of them

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Health has always been in fashion. Natural hair, snow-white teeth, well-groomed nails, shining skin – everything that signals about woman’s good health is great.

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Every woman should take care of herself on the regular basis. Woman’s skin can rarely be perfect. We all occasionally have some problems with it. Skin can be too dry or oily, red or pale, wrinkled, covered with pigments spots, etc. And there is a skin problem I’d like to speak here about. It’s the black spots or comedos.

Black spots are caused by many factors. First and foremost, our hormonal system is responsible for the occurence of comedos, testosterone in particular. Comedo is a result of excessive sebum workout. Sebum emerges on the surface of the skin through tiny pores. If pores get blocked comedos are likely to occur. After that the skin reddens and gets inflamed.

Nose, chin and forehead pores are usually wider than those located on other parts of the skin. This zone is called T-zone. T-zone is abundant with sebaceous glands. If one doesn’t take proper care of the zone it becomes ideal for lots of germs to work on.

Comedo is a mixture of dead cells, sebum and bacteria and is often the result of poor skin care.

It is not a secret that ecology influences the state of our skin badly. Grayish tint of city residents says volumes about it. To add to that tiredness and lack of moisturizing and cleansing – and we get comedos.

Another reason of occurrence of black spots is cosmetics, to be precise the wrong choice of it for a particular type of the skin. Too oily creams, makeup of poor quality, too much of sunscreen or tan lotion applied to the skin – all result in appearance of comedos.

Besides, stress that makes us ignore hygiene, wearing too tight clothing, hormonal disbalance, taking certain type of medicine can cause black spots.

How to get rid of black spots

Never ever squeeze comedos at home as this might bring lots of additional problems to your skin. You may be unable to follow sterility rules. Skin can get infected and then inflamed. The result is terrible bluish spots that remain on the skin forever. Better trust professionals and after visiting a specialized beauty salon keep your skin clean and healthy.

Regular care is the most significant thing about struggle with black spots. This includes: monthly visits to a cosmetologist, weekly usage of scrubs and exfoliants and of course daily cleansing.

Cosmetologist will offer you a mechanical of ultrasonic cleansing depending on your skin type and condition. Your skin will be disinfected, comedos removed, and cleansing mask and then soothing cream applied.

Scrub your skin every week. The scrub shouldn’t contain harsh elements, such as sea salt or seed fractions, as these are likely to traumatize your skin. Good scrub usually contains polymeric pieces which will remove dead cells from your skin without harming it.

Daily care bases on morning and evening cleansing. Everyone knows that in the evening the skin is very dirty with city dust on it and cleansing is an important part of daily care regime. But what we often forget is cleansing the skin in the morning. Though this is as essential. During the night skin releases toxins and other unhealthy elements. Thus, cleansing the skin in the morning is a must.

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