Bad Skin Habits

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Bad Skin Habits

Sometimes we forget or simply don’t know about skin beauty routine. To remind you or teach you couple of new things we put out bad skin habits list. Be sure to change them and you will see how your skin will look completely different after couple of weeks. Know your bad skin habits and change them!

Bad Skin Habits

Neglecting neck and chest skin. This happens quite often. Your neck and chest skin needs moisturizing and sun protection as well as your face.

Bad Skin Habits

Overlooking moles. Do not ignore them as they can be dangerous. Check with your dermatologist once a year and don’t forget to examine yourself every now and then to spot the new moles as soon as possible and screen them for cancer.

Bad Skin Habits

Scrubbing and scrubbing. Put that scrub away. Overexfoliating may lead to worsened breakouts and strip skin off all the necessary oils. Use mild cleansing tonics and glycolic peel. Exfoliate skin with a gentle scrub once in two weeks.

Bad Skin Habits

Ignoring your eyes. The skin around your eyes is much more delicate than that of your face. Do not rub your eyes as you may damage the blood vessels, which leads to darkening and dulling. Use only special moisturizers and creams for sensitive skin around the eyes. They have milder formula that face creams.

Bad Skin Habits

Using tons of products. If you think that in order to look beautiful you need a wagon of cosmetic products you are wrong. First of all, not all ingredients in all your products are compatible. Some of them combined can cause skin irritation and damage. So before scooping all the products in the beauty store stop and check if there are duplicating or incompatible ingredients. Use one product for one problem at a time.

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