Anti-ageing cream with HGH invented

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This cream is an absolutely new type of any-ageing cosmetic products. 3Lab’s Super “h” Serum promises to plump skin and reverse the signs of ageing.

The cream is the first product to contain the bio-engineered human growth hormone, also known as HGH.

3 lab super h serum
The cream work is based on the fact that as people get older they produce lower levels of HGH, making the skin more prone to wrinkles. Additional levels of HGH can boost sex drive, energy levels and metabolic rate.

Besides, the cream includes plant cells from a rare Swiss apple and high amount of other anti-ageing ingredients, such as fish oils and vitamin C.

3Lab’s Super “h” Serum has already become extremely popular with celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Dame Helen Mirren and, you might be surprised, Leonardo DiCaprio.

A spokesperson for 3Lab said:

We put an earlier version of the product into the Oscars goodie bags last year and A-list celebrities were fighting over it.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge fan of 3Lab face creams and serums. Now it’s not just stars and rich people who want this serum, it is ordinary men and women too who are fed up with buying products that simply do not work.”

The 35ml tube of serum costs $412 and is expected to go on sale in Britain at Selfridges department store next month.

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  1. Anti Ageing Brands Says:

    That is the first time I have heard of using HGH in an anti ageing product, I’m definitely looking forward to reading more about how they harvest the HGH.

  2. best hgh Says:

    Shaft I rattling enjoyed studying it. This assemblage offered by you is really shaping for better planning

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