Angelina Jolie’s Perfect Skin Secret – Yon-Ka

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Angelina Jolie grows older but her visage looks – younger day after day. She’s developed a loyal obsession to one particular brand – Yon-Ka while being pregnant with twins, Knox and Vivienne.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Time passes by and the Wanted actress’ obsession turned to a strong “relationship” with the aromatic range, using its new Advanced Optimizer Creme Serum every morning, and slathering that much physique in its Huile Corps and La Baume Body.

The starlet even took time out of her busy schedule to meet personally the brand’s PR to discuss her beauty obsession.

Is that Yon-Ka so good?

Yes, indeed! It is aimed at safeguarding skin against the effects of ageing, lifting and diminishing wrinkles having a blend of line-plumping peptides that gives skin that glowing younger look.

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