6 Simple things that worsen the skin

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You have noticed that your skin looks older and older as time passes though you follow all the ordinary rules to keep it young and fresh! So, what’s wrong with it in this case?


There are some things that you harm your skin with even paying no heed to it.

You’re a skin killer if you:

1. don’t wear the gloves and sunglasses!

Gloves should always be with you as far as they are the shield, so to say, for your hands’ skin.
Sunglasses are as necessary for your eyes as the air! Ultraviolet rays affect not only your sight but your under eyes’ tender skin causing the wrinkles when you screwing up the eyes!

2. drink juices or cocktails through a straw!

I agree that it’s pretty erotic, but that leads to the small wrinkles around the mouth. In fact they burst upon the eye and can hardly be corrected.

Cigarettes affect your skin in the same way.

There is only one decision you can take – to stop smoking; and to stop drinking anything through a straw!
Apply the balsams or honey at the places of the possible wrinkles to prevent them!

3. don’t pay any attention on the flushing red skin.

How can you ignore the fact that your skin is blushing red if there is no a hint of the rouge? If it is not heredity, you should know that your skin is pretty weakened. It’s probably the result of the sun – freeze – stress effect!

Try to avoid the red skin provoking things. At least try to protect your skin from it!
My advice: in this situation drink clear water as often as you can and apply the calmant mask once a week. If nothing changes, consult the doctor!

4. scrub your skin toughly!

That is the thing I could never get! Do you think that your skin is something you should erase?
Harsh scrubbing (even 1 time per week) thins the tender skin harming its epidermis that causes pimples, skin irritation and other skin problems in its tern.

skin wash

5. mimic much while speaking!

Facial expression is always impressive. But if you don’t want to look like a savoyed leaf in some years, start trying to control your mimicry. Use retinol contained creams. It smoothes out the wrinkles.

6. touch the skin with dirty hands!

Covering the skin with millions of germs you provoke it becoming pimpled and ill in general. Only imaging, that our skin a harmed anyway by the exhaust gases, chlorinated water, etc. and it’s you – the owner of the tender beauty to worsen the situation!

washing hands
Don’t touch the skin! Don’t rub it either! Break off this horrible habit and your skin will thankfully bright up back to you.

Your beauty depends on you!

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2 Responses to “6 Simple things that worsen the skin”
  1. Lara Says:

    i didn’t know that drinking through a straw can cause the wrinkles!

  2. Rita Says:

    Great chose for me: cigarettes or my beauty!

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