5 Tips To Silky Soft Feet

Silky soft feet look healthy and attractive which is especially important when wearing open shoes. Feet skin requires the similar care as the rest of it. Exfoliation and moisturizing helps get rid of dry dead skin cells that make feet look cracked.

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Silky soft heels and feet look attractive. The open shoes show off our pedicure but they can also show off the cracked skin on the heels, which is not so attractive. Exfoliating and moisturizing dry feet can be enough to make feet silky soft. But there are also some ways to avoid dryness and prevent cracking. It’s also important to know the cause for cracking feet.

5 Tips To Silky Soft Feet

Tip#1 Soak & Exfoliate

Soaking your feet in warm water for 10 minutes will soften the crackled and dry feet making it easier to get rid of dead cells. While the skin is soft take a pumice stone and scrub the heels, toes, and soles removing dead cells. You will feel as the skin is becoming even softer and silkier. Spend two minutes on each foot focusing on the areas where the skin is rough and dry. Avoid scrubbing too harshly, though to prevent skin tear and irritation.

Tip#2 Moisturize

Use feet moisturizer to after the above procedure and put on clean cotton socks. It’s best to do this before sleep then the moisturizing effect will be greater. You can also use vegetable oil instead of cream.

Tip# 3 Opt for Comfortable Footwear

Opting for comfy footwear can prevent the cracked feet or at least lessen the chance of having them. Comfortable footwear can feature heels but they should be wearable. The footwear has to sit comfortably on the foot without causing pain during walking.

Tip# 4 Give Your Feet Rest

Cracked feet can be caused by long hours of standing or walking, obesity, and anything that can put weight on feet for prolonged periods of time. It is important to give your feet rest to prevent cracked heels and soreness.

Tip # 5 Foot Massage

Foot massage makes blood circulation going. It also relieves strain after a long day.

Do the exfoliation treatment when you feel the skin is getting drier and rougher. It’s not only important to care for cracked feet but it is even more important to find out the cause and eliminate it especially if the cracking is severe and feet are bleeding.

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