5 Things That Damage Your Skin

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We all want to have perfect smooth skin and think we do everything possible to provide that (daily cleaning and moisturizing routine, face-building exercises, eating well, etc.). But the effect is not the one we expect. It doesn’t mean that all those things we do don’t work. They do. But we might not notice a number of other factors that have an impact on condition of our skin. Let’s find out what they are and how they influence on the condition of our skin.

Things That Damage Your Skin

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Mobile phones. Have you ever thought about how many bacteria there are on the surface of your cell phone? No? Then let me tell you – lots!!! You might have never noticed that but you put your cell phone everywhere – into your purse or pocket, on a counter, table or even floor – places which are not usually perfectly clean. In the result when you lean your phone on your face and ear, all possible gems, infections and dust turn out on your skin. Sounds, horrible, right? So, every time you put your phone on any surface, wipe it down with antibacterial wipes.

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Pillow cases. I know you know it, but pillow cases should be washed on the regular basis. The problem is that if you don’t wash pillow cases they tend to collect your skin cells, dead ones. Our skin, just like any other organ, rebuilds and replenishes itself when we sleep. Old cells are shed and new form. And those old cells stick to your pillow case. To avoid and minimize this you should exfoliate your skin twice or three times a week and hot wash your pillow cases.


Hot showers. After a long hectic day it is such a pleasure to have a hot shower, but you should know that heat damages your pores. It’s not me, it’s experts who say that. Hot water tends to strip skin of natural oils and ruin protective barrier which skin needs to protect itself from harsh outside environment. In the result you have dry and itchy skin. To avoid this, have shorter and cooler shower sessions.


Chewing gum. Just like everything else in this world chewing gum has advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about it is that chewing gum removes remains of food and drinks from your mouth and gives you a fresh breath. The bad thing is that when you chew a gum you repeat the same muscle motion again and again causing formation of wrinkles around your mouth. This muscle over-activity contributes to breaking down support tissue within your skin and result in volume loss and loss of skin elasticity.


Puckering Up. Of course you know that any kind of puckering up leads to formation of wrinkles. But you might have never thought that when you smoke or sip something through a straw you also pucker up your skin, around the mouth. Unwanted lines form slowly, over time, so you don’t notice the immediate result of this habit. Just try to avoid puckering up to stay young-looking for as long as it is possible.

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