5 Skincare Tips Every Teen Should Know

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Young skin is very sensitive and much more prone to breakouts and acne, that is why it requires special care and remedies. Here you can find 5 skincare tips for young skin to be clear and healthy.

Must-know Skincare Tips for Young Skin

5 Skincare Tips Every Teen Should Know


A proper cleansing technique is the key component on the way to better skin for teens. Every teen should remember that washing face twice a day is absolutely obligatory to keep skin clear and healthy. Use only mild soap and lukewarm water when washing your face. Avoid using harsh chemicals and too abrasive cosmetic products.

Apply Sunscreen

Actually applying sunscreen is a beauty must not only for teens. But for teens it is especially important. Due to sensitivity, young skin require constant sun protection. Always apply sunscreen and try to avoid tanning beds.


After cleansing your skin, always apply moisturizer. It is better, if your moisturizer contains benzoyl peroxide, the agent that is helpful in the fight against bacteria and excessive oil. This type of moisturizer will help to prevent from  acne.

Never Pop Zits!

Popping zits is an absolute beauty no-no, if you doesn’t want to end up with scars, redness and even more pimples. No matter what, you should NEVER pop your pimples!


To have beautiful and clear skin you need to stay hydrated inside out. Drink no less than eight glasses of water per day to keep your skin well-hydrated.

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