5 Skin Facts That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

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Skin is our largest organ (8 pounds, 22 square feet) and it is doing so much to protect our inner layers. It sweats to remove toxins out and cool us down when temperatures get high, it produces more melanin (tans) to absorb UV radiation and protect us from further damage (sunburn). It is amazing and gross at the same time. Over a 1,000 bacteria species are living on our skin and microscopic mites are apparently among them making it healthy somehow. But now for the stuff that matters in terms of skincare. Here are some facts that will probably change your beauty routine or at least make you consider improving it.

5 Interesting Facts About Skin

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Skin on your eyelids is the thinnest. It’s only 0.2 mm so you should be really careful with things like eye pencils and eyelash curlers. Do not heat your curlers with blow dryer they will definitely going to get too hot and burn the sensitive eye skin. Rather place your curlers under running warm tap water and safely curl your lashes without a risk of getting burned.

Skin pores do not have muscles so they can’t be open or closed so no need for useless treatments and products that “close pores”.

Skin cancer is more common than you might think as it occurs more often than prostate, colon, and lung cancer and is more prevalent in men. So be sure to give your partner a bottle of sunscreen too. One sunburn may be enough and just one tanning salon sesh can increase your skin cancer risk by whopping 20%. Tanning bed users are 74% more at risk of melanoma than non-users.

One of the most discussed skin conditions is acne, which despite a widespread notion doesn’t always disappear once you pass your teen years. Acne affects one in twenty adult women and one in a hundred men. Acne treatment should start with determining the cause or an underlying condition, which could be stress or menstruation, but also hormones and genes. The no-nos for acne sufferers are tanning, overcleansing, squeezing, and skipping lotion and sunblock.

Due to peculiar connective tissue structure adipose fat creates bulges and dimples on our thighs, buttocks, and sometimes arms. This creates a cosmetic defect known as cellulite but has nothing to do with skin per se thus making cellulite creams and scrubs obsolete. Those can make your skin feel and look smoother but that’s just a visual effect that is also temporary. Over 85% of women have cellulite even those who are thin and athletic. All you can do to make it less noticeable is stick to a healthy diet and exercise.

Finally these are not the only beauty routine changes that you may implement as alcohol and tobacco ruin skin much much faster. Sticking to healthy habits like eating a balanced diet, exercising, wearing sunscreen, and ditching vices like cigarettes and booze might be enough to look like that model or a celebrity.

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