5 Products to Have Beautiful and Young Skin

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What should you eat to have smooth, rosy and fresh face skin? has made the list of 5 products recommended by the cosmetologists and dieticians.

Fruits and berries for skin care

Good sleep, sport sessions and fresh air are not enough to look one hundred per cent gorgeous. Our skin depends on what we eat no matter if the meal is good or not. Even the super effective creams are powerless against the unbalanced ration.

That’s why you should regulate your meals: less fatty and salty food, more fresh vegetables, fruits and cultured milk foods as if your gut microflora goes wrong and you have disbacteriosis, you can simply forget about the smooth skin. But you can cope with the faded face skin color and small wrinkles eating the “precious” products.

Here they are:

Fish and seafood

Active components: Omega-3 fatty acid, zinc.

Result: Smooth, clean skin.

Fish and seafood for face skin

The importance of the seafood is pretty hard to overvalue. Zinc (oysters and fat kinds of fish are rich in zinc) plays the main role in skin renovation and collagen synthesis. And the lack of it causes the untimely aging. Specific fatty acids contained in fish maintain the skin moistening and prevent it form dehydrating and inflammation.

Moreover, zinc cares about the condition of the heart arteries improving blood circulation. Fish zinc also is on the watch of acne and pimples.

Citrus plants

Active components: Vitamin C.

Result: Smooth, elastic skin.

Citrus for healthy skin

One of the main youth vitamins is Vitamin C, which is greatly honored in the cosmetology world. You can find it among the ingredients of lots of face creams. It’s because it stimulates the collagen making – the building protein of conjunctive tissue. When this element synthesis slows down with time (that happens with age), the skin becomes more flabby.

Vitamin C is a perfect antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals ruining the body cells. It means that having oranges and grapefruits as well as tomatoes and bell peppers (within reasonable limits) provides skin elasticity and decelerates wrinkles emerging. By the way, I recommend the sun-bathes and cigarette smoke fans to pay special attention to their habits as their organisms especially may need this element.

Orange and green vegetables

Active components: Vitamin A, beta-carotene.

Result: Healthy, smooth skin.

Orange and green vegetables for young skin

If you noticed the inflammations on the skin, the probable cause is the deficit of vitamin A. this antioxidant is contained in orange and green vegetables in abundance. For example, take spinach and carrot. Beat-carotene that is in carrot and in green leaf vegetables furthers the cell rejuvenating thus prolonging youth.

Beta-carotene is one of the strongest and the most natural sun tan activating agents as it helps the melanin making in the organism. But remember, vitamin A is digested only hand in hand with fat. Eat carrot with vegetable oil or sour cream and just-pressed-out juice should be diluted with cream.


Active components: Vitamin E.

Result: Young, tender skin.

Nuts for beautiful skin

Being a pantry of wholesome elements, nuts have already assigned the Future Food title. But what is required by skin is vitamin E contained in almonds and hazelnuts. This vitamin fights with free radicals and slows down the ageing process.

It also prevents skin against the harmful exposure to ultraviolet, keeps up the moisture balance and in general makes skin be younger and fresher. Besides, almonds, pistachios and walnuts are rich in Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Active components: Rutin, B group vitamins.

Result: Clean, moistened skin.

Cereals for rejuvenating skin

The essence is the same – cereals possess the strong antioxidant characteristics due to rutin. This element puts obstacles in the way of inflammations and other skin diseases symptoms.

Cereals have the abovementioned vitamin E and fat acids (particularly in flax seeds). And don’t overlook the dietary fibre that normalizes the bowels operating that will not to fail to affect eh face skin color.

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