5 Habits Incompatible With Beauty

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We frown, laugh, bite our lips and cross the legs having no idea that these habits take away our natural beauty. Let’s discover why it is so and what we should forget about to keep the beauty and youth for longer.

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Habit #1. To laugh and frown. No doubts, laugh is a life healer and prolonger. It stimulates the synthesis of endorphins (hormones of happiness). But it causes mimic wrinkles formation. Eyelid skin falls under laugh effect first as there appear crow’s feet, then goes around-lips skin with unattractive nasolabial wrinkles.

The habit to knit the brows leaves deep upright lines between them and frowning leads to horizontal lines on the forehead. The skin around the lips suffers much from the woman’s want to purse the lips. I admit that these facial expressions are reflexes and it’s hard to control them! But possible!

Way out. The only chance to cope with this problem by yourself is your strict control. Start with the simplest task, to smile instead of bursting out laughing, for example. To lose the habit of frowning you can try to undertake the preventive measures: stick to your forehead the thin wet cigarette paper strips for a couple of hours. They will help you to control your facial expression better. You’ll be able to keep up with it by yourself in some time.

Habit #2. Touch the face with the hands. You prop up your cheek or chin, scratch the nose or touch the forehead. You stretch out your skin this way causing untimely wrinkles. Touching the skin with unwashed hands, you provide your pores with new microbes that spread over the upper epidermis layer immediately and harming it significantly! Be sure!

Way out. The same variant as with the mimicry – strict control. You can trick yourself – for instance, if you got used to prop up the cheek with the palm, take a pan or a candy into the hand so that it could be busy with something. The aim is to keep your hands away from your skin.

5 Habits Incompatible With Beauty

Habit #3. Squeeze out the pimples. The more frequent your pimple presses out are, the more you stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands that increases the skin greasiness. The worst thing is if no make up and no dirty hands can’t stop you from doing it. As it means that you traumatize the skin infecting. These causes the skin irritation and new appearance of skin “rash”. Moreover, if you think that you do everything pretty right (steam out the skin, use the tissues), you are mistaken. The way it should be done can be followed only by the cosmetologists in the beauty salons.

Way out. Use antiseptic products that clean the skin without damaging it. Consult the cosmetologist and you’ll get a useful bit of information. And when you realize that you have to spend a lot of money to heal the skin from after-your-squeezing effect, you’ll regret your actions!

Habit #4. Lip biting. It’s a girlish habit. We usually bite lips in anger or fear or unticipation or surprise. Shortly speaking, there is also a reason to bite a lip, but the aftereffects of it look unattractively. The lipstick is put unevenly onto the bitten lips and the skin always comes off from them. But the most unpleasant thing is that you can infect the lips through the microcracks.

Way out. First of all, treat the cracks. Try any available cosmetic products: chapsticks, moistening lip creams. Apply any vegetable oil onto them for a night time (olive, peach oil).

5 Habits Incompatible With Beauty1

Habit #5. Sitting legs crossed. This habit is the most widespread and harmful. Whose, who have their day in seating position day by day, risk to disturb the blood circulation even as a notion. It leads to varicose veins occurence – a very dangerous illness.

Way out: exemine your legs and rush into the gym, start applying special leg gel if you find the veins showed through. Give your legs some rest at any possible opportunity: lift them up (to the armrest, table…). Your legs deserve to be beautiful and healthy as they carry you through the life.

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  1. venus Says:

    Hahahahahahahaha. Ohhhh yeaah i will never laugh again in my LIFE! WTF?!!! This is SO stupid!!!

    Oh and varicose veins are nor a serious illness…they are harmless raised veins!! People only get them removed because they look terrible!!

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