3 Hair Removal Methods

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Spring is just around the corner, and it’s already time to think about the techniques to remove unwanted hair efficiently.

Hair removal: waxing

There are three main kinds of epilation: laser epilation, bioepilation and photoepilation. Each of them has proved effective, but at the same time each one has its side effects and contraindications. I hope this post will shed light on these epilation methods, and you will be able to choose one that suits you best.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser is widely used in almost every sphere of our life and now we are not afraid of it anymore.

Removing unwanted hair with the help of laser is easy but requires visiting the specialist more than once if you want to reach a permanent result. In order to make your skin smooth and silky for a long time, you need 5 to 10 procedures made with one month interval.

laser epilation

Laser ray tends to destroy only actively growing hair bulbs, but there are lots of others under the skin. Thus you need to wait until all of them grow and only then remove them. In the end, you may need 6 to 10 months to get rid of all these hairs.

Laser epilation is used to remove hairs from all body areas including face and neck. It’s also effective in correcting the brow shape. But there’s a drawback either: laser epilation can’t remove grey and light hairs.


As an alternative to laser epilation we see photoepilation – a method using intensive light rays. The advantage of photoepilation is that it can remove hairs of all types and colors from all skin types. However, one procedure will not be enough as well. The number and frequency of procedures depend on the area you want to remove the hair from, as different areas of the body have different hair growth cycles. On average 3 to 6 procedures will do.


Both laser epilation and photoepilation have the contraindications mentioned below:

• skin diseases,

• varicose veins,

• severe ischemic heart disease,

• severe hypertension,

• acute herpes forms,

• various infections.

Those patients suffering from one of the listed disorders are highly recommended to use bioepilation, or waxing.


Bioepilation is a clever word for waxing. This hair removal method has only a temporary effect. It helps you to get rid of even the thinnest and fluffy hairs, which cannot be destroyed by laser, but hairs will grow again in a week or two.


However, if you use this technique on the regular basis, it’s quite effective, as it makes the hairs thin out and look less noticeable. As for the drawbacks of this method, they are: painfulness of the procedure and occasional ingrown hairs.

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  1. daffodil girl Says:

    laser epilation is a really good method but its ssooo expensive that i can’t afford it. but my friend has tried it and suffers no problems with unwanted hair on her legs any more.

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