Skincare Tips for Teens: Get Justin Bieber’s Cute Look!

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Justin Bieber is one of the celebrated teens nowadays. Bieber is known for his success in placing his albums on the top of the most prestige charts in the music industry. Not only he is extremely talented young boy, Justin Bieber is also revered by his staunch fans for his perfect looks. Justin every time performs his great talent with the perfect appearance. But despite his stardom, he is only a 16-year-old boy! But as you have already noticed, Justin Bieber doesn’t have any adolescent skin problems. Wonder how Justin Bieber contrives to make his skin look so perfect, follow our exclusive Justin Bieber’s skincare tips in order to get this pleasing cute Bieber-like look!

Justin Bieber’s Exclusive Skincare Tips

Being the Proactive’s face, Justin Bieber admits that his parents also had typical adolescent skin problems such as acne in their teen years, that’s why no wonder that he has experienced the same thing. Any teenager dreams of getting rid of acne. And Justin Bieber was lucky enough to overcome this problem and now he’d like to help other teens to overcome it, so he shares his experience for his teenage fans to get flawless skin.

Justin Bieber’s Exclusive Skincare Tips

Here are these Justin Bieber’s skincare tips for you, teens, to get the perfect look:

• Don’t forget to protect your skin.
Use sun screen! That is what you are to learn thoroughly! Everybody knows that sun screen protects our skin from the harmful UV effect, and it obviously reduces the chance of skin cancer. Maybe it is not exactly what bothers you in your 15 but you will definitely thank your sun screen 15 years later. Apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15 (but it would be better to use higher) when you’re out with your friends. And sure don’t forget to reapply.

• Moisturize your skin.

Teens are supposed to have oily skin but of course it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a moisturizer. What is really essential for you is to have a light oil-free moisturizer to put on after cleansing. Always moisturize your face after you wash and dry it.

• Apply a mask and exfoliator weekly.

A mask cleans pores deeply, while an exfoliator removes the top skin layer. But be very gentle; if you scrub, your face skin may break out even further. It’s better to apply it once a week after cleansing.

But if you have serious skin problems, you are to see dermatologist to get the proper treatment.
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