Shaving Leg Hair off!

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Do you use a shaver to take off hair from your legs and to make your skin sleek and shining? But do you take into consideration the red spots on the skin after this procedure?


Unfortunately most of the women achieve this result “thanks” to the wrong shaving. If you are the woman who put the soapsuds on the legs and quickly removes hair, this article is for you.

The point is that when you shave off hair you extract the epidermis of the upper skin layer. Redness is the ordinary reaction to the skin damage. The organism hurries up to supply the harmed area with blood to cure it leading blood vessels to enlarging and thus to skin redness.

It’s hard to get rid of the sort of such damage. Every time you shave off hair you harm the epidermis again and again.

But what to do in this case?

One of the ways to avoid this result is to quit with shaving at all! Though, it’s simply inadmissible.

There’re several easy things that can help you to keep your skin hairless, undamaged… – well done!

Shaving Leg Hair off!

Get ready to shaving…

To begin with shaving you should soften hair first: spill water on them thoroughly or wrap them up with the warm wet towel. The best time for shaving is just right after the shower taking, as your skin is moistened, and the shaver can hardly damage it.

The soap dries the skin a little producing the irritating effect. Women with sensitive skin should use the shaving cream containing the aloe extract or other soothing substances. Having applied the cream, wait for a couple of minutes to let the skin soften well and then start.

Shaving Leg Hair off

Shave off hair in the direction they grow – top-down. That will allow you to steer clear of the hair follicle irritation.

When you’re done with it put the after shaving cream on your hairless legs. If you don’t have it try your after shower lotion for this time. But you’d better purchase the shaving sets in the future.

Double blade shavers or razors shave hair off close enough to the skin increasing the risk of red irritating appearance. And the blunter the shaver is, the harder it scrapes the skin. The only solution is to change it after 3-4 times of using.


Some specialists advise to use electric shavers because they don’t harm the skin like simple shavers or razors. Yes, indeed!

Woman’s legs have always been the treasure point for men. They admire our beautiful legs, but have no idea what we go through to get this result. Sometimes I wonder how far women can go to look stunning, and you know, I don’t see the horizon!

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2 Responses to “Shaving Leg Hair off!”
  1. Frida Says:

    i hate shaving!!!!!!!!!

  2. awura adwoa Says:

    can i shave all my face including forehead,nose,chin to become very much smooth,with getting hairey after a month?i am asking cos it do happen to what about women.thank you.

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