Rachel Weisz – new face of L’Oreal Paris

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Rachel Weisz - new face of L'Oreal Paris

Rachel Weisz, amazing British actress has been named L’Oreal Paris’ new face. The first as campaign with Rachel Weisz is planned for the new RevitaLift Anti-wrinkle & Firming Day Cream, which will be launched in early December.

L’Oreal say that Rachel Weisz was chosen for:

Her captivating beauty and natural charm.’

Rachel Weisz - new face of L'Oreal Paris

And they are right, Rachel Weisz is not only a great actress, she is beautiful and sophisticated just what L’Oreal needs. She will be the face for all markets except America. Only imagine Weisz in campaign for L’Oreal. She’ll be amazing!

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Mona Liz

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One Response to “Rachel Weisz – new face of L’Oreal Paris”
  1. Maria Athanasopoulou Says:

    Hi all,
    I am really interesting in being a face model for L’Oreal. My name is Maria Athanasopoulou, I am 25 years old, I am Greek and I have studied at the Agricultural University of Athens. I Would really like to become a face model as soon as time hasn’t gone yet… If you could get in tough with me (email address: [email protected]), I would really appreciate it and I will send you photos and details.

    Bets Regards

    Maria Athanasopoulou

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