Pro Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Top beauty experts, celebrity makeup artists and beauty editors reveal their fave beauty tips for you to look gorgeous without trying too hard. We’ve picked out some of the pro beauty tips you need to know for sure.

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Pro Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Well, there are no people who are more competent in beauty than the great array of fabulous and famous makeup artists, beauty editors and bloggers. Keep reading to learn all the pro beauty tips you need to know and get ready to the greatest makeover ever with our set of the best professional beauty recommendations.

Beauty Tip #1: Miraculous Water

Pro Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Debbie Strong strongly recommends us to drink more water for skin to stay moisturized, to boost metabolism and to keep the energy level up. Besides, spritzing water on your face can help to keep it feeling and looking refreshed. Opt for plain water or go for cosmetic thermal potion.

Beauty Tip #2: Toothpaste for… NAILS

Pro Beauty Tips You Need to Know

As it has turned out toothpaste can be used not only to clean you pearls, but your nails as well! Roxanna Sarmiento, a fashionable beauty blogger, has shared that there are no better beauty remedy for yellow nails than nail brush and a bit of toothpaste. I guess, everyone knows how it gets when after months of wearing dark nail polish nails got yellowish.

Try it—it works pretty well, and you end up with minty fresh toes!

Beauty Tip #3: Sketch Eyeliner Wings

Pro Beauty Tips You Need to Know

If you are not a professional makeup artist, it is always difficult to make a smooth line with liquid or gel eyeliner. But beauty contributor at Huffington Post, Ysolt Usigan knows how to do perfect and what is more important lasting cat eye makeup. So, first of all line your eyes with a pencil liner, it is easier to do but unfortunately doesn’t last long. And then go back on the line with a gel or liquid eyeliner.

Beauty Tip #4: Prolong your Hair-care Ritual

Pro Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Amy E. Goodman reveals her tips on how to make hair ‘angelic’ soft. She advises to prolong your usual hair-care ritual, ‘just apply a conditioning hair masque and leave it on overnight, rinsing in the morning’.

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